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Hanging for optimal gains

Hanging for optimal gains

Is it a good idea to hang and jelq at the same time? I’ve only recently started hanging, I’ve been hanging one day and jelqing the next.

I was thinking about hanging for one week then jelqing the next. What have you expert hangers decided is the best mix of the two?

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Hang every day.

hang every day. I second that. Don’t let the ligs stop being sore. You will find out what that sore feeling is. 10 total hour of hanging a week. 3/20 sets = 1 hour of hanging.

I hang every day.I’m doing OTS now but just started it this week.Before that it was SO.But I hang every single day,no less than an hour but usually two.In between every set I do some light dry jelqing,then a good ten to fifteen minute wet jelq after I’m all done hanging for the day.

Hang everyday, Jelq whenever. Once you start hanging you need to be careful about time lapses between hanging sets. Anything longer then 36 to 48 hours and your setting yourself up for a plateau and tougher ligs, meaning no gains. That’s why you see so many guys recommend an ADS between sessions. That’s the best way you can keep from plateauing.

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Thanks guys, but this is where I have a problem. I just started hanging, and I had hernia surgery last year. I can feel the stretching right around the hernia area. So I dont know if this is a good thing IE fatigue or a bad thing IE my hernia is being pulled through the mesh because I have a 5 pound weight hanging from my dick.

How high up the abdomen do you guys feel the stretch? Does it have to hang straight down, or can I use the edge of the seat to stop the direct pull on the abdomen area? I’m not entirely sure where you suppose to fatigue, the penis or up in the abdomen?

I think for me it would be safer to use the seat as support but I dont want to be waisting time if it should be a direct downward pull. I’ve been doing the direct downward hang, but I’m not entirely sure if this is smart on my part.

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

Pud when I first started hanging I felt the fatigue clear up into my abdomen.Of course as I got used to it the discomfort decreased and now I don’t feel it in my abdomen at all.I think it is partly do to the higher angle hanging I’m doing now,but the feeling is normal.I would however go very slowly until you are accustomed to the feeling and be careful about adding more weight.Your hernia might not like that too much.

IT depends.

One can’t say to hang every day because one don’T know how you will react to hanging. I dont think anybody would advise you to stretch every day , so why would you have to hang every day ?

Good point! I second what he said.

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Hang every day? Should there not be any restdays? 5 on hanging 2 off resting?

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