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Hanging and Stretching


Thanks abbelto I shall give that a try see if it help.

TheGr8leviathan I would say it make it safer if you warm up from causing injury but some have not used warm ups an been find and gained. So up to you really see what works best for you.

High Angle Hanging

Hi All,

So the idea of high angle hanging hit today. I’ve been doing some research on the subject before immersing myself, does anything have any successful methods of upward hanging [those with high LOT]?

An idea: attaching hanging mechanism to penis whiles either standing or laying down; if you’re stand, place the device over your shoulder (make your shoulder a fulcrum ) allowing the force of gravity to pull your unit upward[ mind you this hasn’t been tested, this is just an idea]; and if you’re laying down with the noose attached, place a weight ( or whatever you’re using ) at your side at about shoulders length from your body and pull your penis away from the weight ( in a tugging method). In order for the second on to work you have to be laying down. Caution! Though both are dangerous and should be regarded with prudence, the latter seems me more dangerous.

I want to hear your comments and suggestions, all ideas are welcomed.

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Originally Posted by bad luck

Hi there who ever reads as anyone got any tips for getting some grip on the glans when stretching. I have small glans/head and it gets smaller once I have been stretching for a few minutes so it is hard to get a good grip to stretch.

Have you seen the - double-OK grip?

Hi blown out with the hanging over the shoulder that as been dun before and I think there are threads about it I have not try it yet though. I can not understand what you mean with the laying down hanging and pulling the unit the other way.


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