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Hanging and Stretching


Hanging and Stretching

Hi guys so I have been hanging for nearly three months now and it’s going ok I have not gained yet from hanging but it’s early days. I am trying to get 2 hours in a day some times only manage to get 1 hour 20 minutes. So I was thinking of adding some manual stretchers into my routine but I don’t no were to start.

How long should I be holding the stretch what stretchers would be best and how many minutes should I be stretching for? If anyone could help me out with these questions I would be grateful thanks bad luck.

Downward stretches are the best, straigh out come right after. Most of people do stretches in sets of 15-60 seconds sets for a total of 10 minutes. You haven’t to do all in one session, you can do several short sessions of stretching through the day. Don’t pull with too much force, manual stretch is more intense than hanging.

Thanks for that marinera.

I have just try out the manual stretchers after hour of hanging. I only did 3 sets of one minutes and they felt ok not much of a pull. So I was thinking if I get soft peace of cloth put it around the base of the penis and pull up on the cloth with one hand and the other hand pull down on the glans would that be an ok stretch?

Just do simple stretches.

If you are getting one hour or two hours hanging per day you sure as hell do not need to stretch. Forget stretching it is not doing a thing for you, but if you have to you have to.

Take anything and everything that DutyQuest has posted with a large grain of salt.

Hi dutyquest I am starting to do some stretches through out the day because I don’t think hanging 1 to 2 hours a day is enough. Sure I would get more time in if I could with the hanging but I carnt and stretching is easy when you don’t want to get court pe-ing.

I would hang for an hour a day and I have added almost 2 inches over a 3 year period. An hour of hanging, 3 sets will take the penis down in fine fashion. So, that is just my experience.

Take anything and everything that DutyQuest has posted with a large grain of salt.

Good to here it worked for you man. I have only been hanging 3 months so got along way to go then. Have you got any tips for me like with going up weight an that. I am at 11 pound at the moment how heavy do I need to be going.

I totally agree with stretching and hanging.. But I do not hang with more than 5lb. If you look at the big gainers list its the manual stretching that made there gains. I hang to maintain the micro tears from my manual stretching. I made a simple sock hanger with good wrapping can hang for long periods. Be cautious of blood flow over time while hanging. And yes I have made big games since combining the two.

Don’t rush the weight increases, at 3 months 11lbs is a good weight. As long as you can hang for 15 to 20min and feel good fatigue you do not have to rush the weight increase. You will find as you gain size your penis will easily accept more weight. Each month you can probably add a pound, so a goal to keep in mind is 20lbs at the end of a year. Obviously, if you are comfortable with more or less, make the adjustments. A lot of different physiology in the penis department so don’t rush the results. You can start adding different angles of hanging configuration after about 6 mos. but no need to experiment at the moment.

Take anything and everything that DutyQuest has posted with a large grain of salt.

I feel a little stress when I first put the weight on but I never have to drop the weight or feel much fatigue. So I was thinking about going up to 12 pound to see if I feel any fatigue. I just feel as if my penis is getting tuffer an not stretchy to grow.

Hi taab when your stretching do you just pull from the glains and how long are you stretching for?

Years ago when I restored my foreskin I was told that less weight to stretch the foreskin was better. The rationale explained about this was that the body would resist if too much weight was used. Lesser weight for longer periods of time was better. I do realize that hanging is much different, because with the clamping nature of the hanging device you are impeding blood flow to the glans region. This reduced blood flow can result in serious problems.


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You said your experiencing your penis getting “tougher” this raises a cautionary flag in my eyes. When you begin to supersede the structural strength of your physiology there will be “tug back” this maybe the sensation you are having when your describing toughness. You don’t want to experience tug back while hanging (this is survivable mode and your penis is fighting not to fall off), the sensation should be a good stretch, and not ligatures shortening or tug back. Incidentally, some refer to this as ‘turtling’ and that is perfectly natural; there is nothing wrong with turtling but you do not want it when hanging.

Take anything and everything that DutyQuest has posted with a large grain of salt.

Hi when I was saying it feels like its getting tougher. I mean when I am squeezing the penis the inner tissue it all feel tough. When I do the manual stretches its quite tough and not stretchy like it was before I started to hang. Hope you can understand me

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