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Hangers, what risks would i have with the following eventually?

Hangers, what risks would i have with the following eventually?

An enthusiastic newbie, cut babysock, a tie, plastic bag full of groceries=


Just had to try how it feels. Felt not bad but still made me curious, how it eventually could hurt me.

Babysock divided the pressure from the tieknot to a larger surface, but when im at it, the knot and sock were pulled next to my glans, glans being the only thing keeping the “wrap” from falling off.

While at it, the head went darker colour than the rest of my member, I guess this is ok to some degree? But what degree to be exact? Are the glans supposed to be hard of pressure during the hang?

Also the knot bent the head of my member some degrees to a random direction, eventually this would turn out pretty bad I guess =)

If someone with experience could sum up the biggest mistakes in hanging? Iwe done my research, still would like additional info regarding this issue.

Stop what you’re doing and start reading the stickythreads at this forum! Are you curious enough to find out how long it takes before your dick turns numb? I hope not.

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