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% of hangers that use ADS

% of hangers that use ADS

I was wondering for the sake of all here that are unsure about the effectiveness of ADS in addition with hanging. If maybe everyone who utilizes some sort of ads can post it, as well as those hangers that do not. The reason being is that I recently stopped using my homemade ads, because I felt like maybe it’s a waste of time.

If we can get a better idea of how many hangers here, are actually employing ads versus those who do not, along with there gains while using it or not. Possibly we can understand how important it really is.

For myself as well as others I’m sure, it is just to inconvenient to have to check it every hour or so, at school, work, while driving, making sure I don’t wear it throught metal detectors. But on the other hand if we could gather enough solid evidence of effectiveness I would definitely continue use.


So for example:

I use a homemade bib, have been hanging for 2 months, I hang 9 lbs., 3 sets of 20 min., 5 days a wk.
I was using ads all day except for sleeping time.

Only gains are 3/8 in. base girth

My conclusion is ineffective.

I’ve been using an ADS since I started hanging.

Basically, what I do is strap it on about 15 min. after I finish with hanging & some light jelqing, and wear it for the next 6-8 hours.

I do believe it has helped me in my length gains (2” erect length gained in just over 1 year “on” out of the last 1.5 years).

I have no real proof of its effectiveness… just a feeling.

I will add that since I started gaining, I have only experienced 1 plateau… that was a brief period where I made several drastic changes to my routine, including dropping the ADS.

Come on “Lurkers” you can do it.
38 viewed it, only 1 replied to it.


Well T-rex maybe 30 out of those 38 are just like me waiting for good tips on this subject. I’m starting hanging tomorrow and ADS is defiantly something i will include on my routine maybe i can comment on this 6 month down the road. I know you cant wait that long. Hope some of the vets come forward with good experimented info. Ten By Seven

I'm interested in this as well....

What i really want to know is does everyone who does this experience girth gains at the base? If so how much.

I could do with some more girth at the base.

See Ya,


I use an ADS

I just started using ADS yesterday not as a stretching device (which after the first day I did feel a nice stretch down their), but as a device used to keep me in the enlogated state after a session.

GRANTED I don’t hang, I jelq.

I will keep you posted on any updates, btw have you pm’d lil? He knows a lot about ADS.

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This is the third time I’ve viewed this post. However I tried the ADS and it broke. So I said screw it.

Now, do I thing it would help.


Under the right circumstances. And before everyone straps one of these dick chokers on.

Watch lil2big1’s tutorial AND do a search for ADS and read every thread from start to finish. There are several very experienced ADS mod’s and members on this board. Then practice with it for a week or two before settling into a routine. Just like hanging take it slow, slow, slow until you get the feel for it.

Remember, PAIN IS A BAD THING. The biggest problem I’ve had is lack of circulation in the head area.

Be smart,


Streching with ADS

Hello all,

After reading the many post on ads I wanted to say this.
I’ve been at p-e for 2 years or better and my opinion is that the ads I use has definately increased my girth 2-3 fold. After heavy hanging sessions I put it on and stretch out, doing a hard stretch, this forces my member to become stronger, like building

a bigger cable to carry the load. By doing this time after time, day after day the girth has increased dramatically. Sometimes I only do light stretches (less tension) as the glands tend to get sore and sensitive to it.

But over all I’ve gotten very use to it, not to mention how it stretches all the ligs. I don’t consider myself an expert, and please correct me if I’m wrong, but in order to make good and permanent gains I believe you must start with the ligiments.

I have had good results using my ads. Maybe it’s not necessary but I feel strongly it has helped emmensly.


a bigger cable to carry the load. By doing this time after time, day after day the girth has increased dramatically[/quote]

indeed9 I take it your’e referring to base girth, if not please tell what you are doing to get shaft long girth from hanging. So I can start.

Hi T-rex,

Actually I am referring to shaft girth and base girth. Both have increased from using my ads. My erect girth has become much bigger since I started using it around 3/2000.

I use the ads and weight attachment sleeve that I brought at The
I want to get the Bib hanger but don’t have the funds right now to use for heavy weights and still use the ads everyday to stretch the ligs.

Also, after the heavy weights I put it on for a 1 hour on, 1 hour off daily routine, 6 days p/w.

Hope this helps, just ask if not.



I am interested in using an ADS after hanging. My biggest problem is that since it is still warm out and I just started school again, I’m wearing shorts pretty much anywhere I go. I don’t think an ADS would work too well with shorts. When I start wearing pants say like around october, is the ADS noticable? In jeans or dress pants? I’ve been hanging for roughly a month now and have noticed an increase in girth at the base, not much length increase yet. Before hanging, i was doing manual exercises and gained close to .75” in BPEL and some girth. Hoping to gain another inch by hanging


I don’t know what the styles of shorts are in your region but the enlargement strap and homemade model lil shows in his turorial attaches above the knee a good distance.

I’ve been able to wear it with shorts by using a little caution.

ADS etc

The “All Thera” ADS is certainly an advantage over using the old style Bib in that the bulge is less noticeable in the pants—- and more gradual.

I’ve reverted to hanging down my leg again, as the “around the waist” mode didn’t give as good a tension—- but there has to be a better way for the up and angled pull.

One small problem that I had was chafing of the glans by the seam in my 501’s whilst walking in the ADS. I’ve fixed this by attaching the tensioning thera over the top of my dick rather than at the back. THe dick then is protected by the thera, and sits between the thera and the leg. Also gives a smoother line to the bulge as it head towards my knee…..

I’ve also worn it in shorts, at the gym on the walking machine!!!!—- AND also even with the belt below my knee rather than above it. This is necessary because I’m over 9 inches flaccid pulled, and there isn’t much room to tie off above the knee. This will be OK only as long as the current style of long shorts remains in vogue. I don’t wear the really long ones —- just to about 3 inches below my knee, the style of at least two years ago. (I’m only 5 ft 7, and have quite short thighs.)

Whether it works is another question.

Since I have been at a plateau for about one year I need something different to keep interest going.

I’ve started the “Johan” stretches before hanging and between sets—to try to pre-fatigue the girders that I must have for ligs, and now have time to hang a lot more, and be strict about ADS as well… so I need to give it all a few months—- say until Christmas .

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