Question for the hangers who now want girth

I am starting to hang and am really still playing around with my Bib Hanger trying to understand it. On Bib’s site it says to do this for like 2 weeks to make yourself used to this practice. No problem there.

My real problem is I want to chase lots of length. To do so, many have said to really shy away from any girth giving work. They claim it will make it harder to get length. So, I am following their instructions here with that.

My question is to any hangers who have done so or know of someone who did get their length and then went after girth. What was the routine? Any problems or observations you encountered?
Example like say you gained 3 inches hanging, how much girth have you gotten so far?

I am asking to rersearch a winning long term plan after reaching my length goals. So I really need imput here. You lurkers out there, feel free to register, message me, email me whatever if you have an answer.

Thanks in advance!

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