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Hanger Recommendations?

BH, I’m not sure about LOT theory, everyone talks about it being debunked as a matter of true fact, but looking at the anatomy it seems to have some merit, and it works for me too. Exit point does as well, and makes sense regarding the assumed process for lig gains. Palpitation probably works the best, but when I try it, touching those structures inside of me grosses me out so much I have to stop. I’m just way to squeamish about that kind of stuff.

Also, Bib is indeed like the polar opposite of DLD. It is unfortunate that DLD’s profiteering has allowed him to expose such a bigger audience to PE - these people then proceed based on DLD’s ridiculous ideas. If only all these people first were introduced to PE by Bib. But I guess that’s what you get for not trying to shove your product down everyone’s throats.

Dude151, it sounds like you got the right idea! Good luck with your new hanger, I look forward to seeing big gains from you.


That’s a lot of wisdoms in the above posts, But I have a question: I thought the key in hanging is leaving some blood in the CC’s in front of the hanger, then when tightened, weights on, the hanger slide down and compress the tissues, it will creat a shoulder behind the glans, have you guys experienced this?

Overdoseads, you do want to create shoulders by compressing the internals in front of the hanger. You should feel them form when you pulse push. But you do not need to be engorged at all for them to form properly. In fact, you should not be engorged whatsoever, and you want your glans to be as squeezed out as possible. Having more blood in the CC’s than when you are flaccid, or more than the bare minimum possible in the head of the penis, can cause an unwanted pressure build-up when the weight is applied to the hanger and it slides forward, compromising both circulation and safety. Some recommend head-swell for extenders, but this is very dangerous for compression hangers. And completely unnecessary.


If you are having trouble forming shoulders while completely flaccid your hanger could be too low (towards the glans), your wrapping could be too thick, your gap adjustments could be off for your specific anatomy and wrapping style, your hanger may need to be slightly toed-in, or the hanger might be too loose. Pulse push every time to check for shoulders.

Oh thank you so much for the help rootsnatty.

Originally Posted by marinera

hobby - Has anyone seen BIB’s penis photos

I wonder the same thing, what if DLD had not posted his photoshoped pic and had not opened such a flashy paysite (MoS), would people still believe him like they still believe Bib?

Marinera, you can’t seriously believe the two of them are even close to the same level of huckstering? Maybe Bib made a mistake partnering with DLD at first, but I don’t believe they are partners anymore. Also, if I had to make a deal with a known profiteer to bring a quality product I believed in to a wider market, I think I would probably do it.

And I know Bib has no proof of his gains, and to be honest I don’t care if he didn’t gain even a centimeter. He is a class act, makes an incredible product which I know works for me, and is always there to help. I’d much rather judge a guy based on those qualities than on dick-pics.

Sorry to digress everyone.


I have already read where he said he won’t post his picture. That is his choice. I am positive there are many individuals who choose not to post their pics. That is their choice. I have gained through his methodology. That is all the proof that I will ever need.

I have read the majority of Bib’s forum and only some of what DLD has said. When I talk about their differences one of the things I am talking about is just a personality thing and their history.

On Bibs site and other places he will readily admit when he hasn’t tried something and has no knowledge of something. His advice is very consistent over the years and his bio doesn’t change.
If you go to Bib’s forum you can start at the posts from 7 years ago and it is the same story, the same advice is given.

Honestly with DLD I have not read anywhere near as much. I just can’t do it. However, I have seen him in a PE movie where he is claiming to have translated from Aramaic ancient jelqing exercises. With no mention of the people at Thunder’s or anyone else that helped him acquire knowledge. I have read where he seems to have almost invented every PE exercise by himself. His own forum just seems to become about a constant ego stroke and a constant grab for money. I have read multiple inconsistencies with DLD’s bio and how much he has grown. It is truly amazing how much a penis can double in size and shrink back and forth. It is rare to find something that DLD does not have first hand knowledge of.

With Bib he has multiple times given credit to other people including Hobby about certain theories or hanging methods. I see where Bib helps people with other hangers and doesn’t treat them different. As far as I have read he never tries to sell them on his hanger to get his advice.

Now I would never claim that anyone is perfect. Bib definitely gets a theory in his mind and doesn’t like it challenged. That is a part of his personality.

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BH, it was Arabic, not Aramaic. ;) Either way, very hard to watch. Kinda makes me cringe.

Well I got the BibHanger today, a little weird smell and quite an interesting looking contraption :D .

Edit: The email I got says do not wash off the talc just let it wear off but I kinda do wanna wash the thing. Would it hurt too much to wash it off or is it just to get a better grip?

Progress Report Thread: New guy, never done anything like this before

Pictures: Dude151 Pictures

Stats also at Profile

Well my first hanging session went quite well. I used a 1.5 Kg (3.3 Lb) weight with the hanger.

I started with the Thera-Band on but decided to remove it and just use the hanger by itself, it was not uncomfortable at all. I would describe the experience like using an extender on turbo mode, I felt a similar good stretching feeling.

The top of the penis turned very slightly darker, nothing to be concerned of, like when using an extender or stretching by hand.

I followed the instructions on the email and used it for 20 minutes and am now taking a 10 minute break to let circulation recover (although I hardly think I lost any while hanging).

Will continue for 2 more sessions as recommended and then go on tomorrow.

Progress Report Thread: New guy, never done anything like this before

Pictures: Dude151 Pictures

Stats also at Profile

Did you get the standard Bib or one of the other models?

Do not wash it off. Talc won’t hurt anything and it’s probably the gel that smells anyway - the smell will fade with time.

Also, some people do use the Bib with no wrapping, but I wouldn’t recommend it. As the weights increase it may become very uncomfortable. I never liked theraband. I tried many things, like hair tie wrap and just theraband with no underwrap, but I’ve settled on thin sweatshirt material under self-adhesive ace bandage - this is the most comfortable and works best for me.


Originally Posted by Dude151
Hello everyone, after some consideration I’ve come to ask you guys for any recommendations or to share your experiences with hangers.

Which ones have you used? How have they worked out? Pros and Cons?

I’ve been taking a good look at the Bibhanger and I’ve been thinking about purchasing one.

I’m using the malehanger, I gained .2 in a month in a half, and have unofficial gains because I don’t always reach them.
Pros:It was cheap\\\\ it makes my dick bigger\\\ It looks hung after a few weeks… Idk how to describe that, the bottom of my shaft appears sterner and it has this curve to it that looks good to me.
Cons: When you do it correctly, its supposed to hurt…. And you have to sit through it when it starts hurting to stretch to emphasize on microtears\\\ Its time consuming… My session is 2x10; 3x20 and it usually takes 2-3 hours to complete with all the resting in between and during sets.Because it hurts -_-).

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