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Hanger Questions

Hanger Questions

I was wondering what was the cheapest hanger I can buy that is good,safe and effective.I seen them for 100 and I don’t have that kind of cash at the moment.I thought about making one but I’m not mechanicaly inclined but if it’s my only choice whats the easist hanger to make that works?

The captains wench is awesome and you can buy it all at Walmart for around 20 bucks.You could use the search to find the instructions on how to build it and many others.

5/27/09 start>>> BP Length 5.5 NBP 5 Girth 5.5

7/16/09>>> BP Length 6 NBP 5.5 Girth 5.5.

Thank you PE and Thunders.

The best hanger is the AFB, IMHO, and it costs virtually nothing. I would try doing a search for “homemade hangers instructions”.

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