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Some hang questions, mainly vac hanger

Some hang questions, mainly vac hanger


I got my vachanger the other day. Have been hanging for about 2 days now (wow!) I have been PE for almost 2 years. Stretching, jelqing and some ads and extenders. I just had some questions as a newbie hanger. Note this questions is for vac hanging.

1. The weight I’m using is 2,2 lbs now. How do I know when to get heavier weights? I have heard you should hang more weight when you don’t feel so much. But I can’t imagine you don’t FEEL 10lb hanging from your dick. So how do people decide to hang more after those weights?

2. I use monkeybars vachanger (feels great!) but I have noticed a part of the glans get a much darker tone on the front and in the (don’t know the English name) the spot you piss from.:) just after I take of the hanger after about 10mins of hanging. If I just press the glans it disappears after a few seconds. Is this normal, am I doing something wrong?

3. I hang for about 10 mins on and 10 mins off now, how much can I hang everyday and for how long? I have heard people saying you should only hang for about total 1 hour a day but what I have read all really big gainers have hanged all day long.

4. I warm up with a risesock for about 10 mins before the vachanger, then I hang and rest hang and rest and so on without warming up the dick again between hanging. Is this okay? Do I need to warm it up again after some time?

5. If I decide to hang longer periods, say 30 mins, do I need to take a longer breaks? How long hanging periods is possible with a vachanger? 1 hour?

6. This is a question about monkeybars hanger, when you have put on the hanger you should uncover the vachole and then cover it with your finger and press the penis to your pubic area and then realise the finger so the air comes out or something.. I find this sometimes hard to do, sometimes I loses more grip after doing this.. Is it okay to just skip this part and hang right away? With the weights I have now the hanger don’t slide of if I just skip this part. Or can someone explain better how to do this?

7. If I hang for about 1 hour a day, do I need to jelq to not lose my gains in girth and length I have gained from jelqing? (I have a spot on my dick that gets a bit irritated from the strokes it gets from jelqing)

8. I am uncut, when I put in my dick into the hanger, I draw all the skin back, ALL the way, so it gets smooth, is this the right way? I have noticed I seems to slip back inside the hanger..

9. I have heard the vachanger don’t stretch the skin so much. Is this a problem if your dick gets longer but your skin stays the same?

Thanks for your time!

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Someone on any of the questions please?

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