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got new hanger and questions

got new hanger and questions

Just recived my new bib hanger and try to find a proper routine. I did my homework due to wrapping, different weights and that stuff. What i dint understand are short forms like BTC an similar codes. Also what´s about the thing with different angles.

Iwant to do everything right from the beginning and not to waist time with useles hanging sessions.

Please help.

Thanks and keep gaining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello setsuma,

Hey man read a thred thats active now on this board, thunderSS started it, its called “interesting thread” or “classic thread” or something. I read it not long ago and it just so happens to explain about using different hanging angles effectivley.
BTC means between the cheeks, where you shuffle down in your seat so the string from your hanger goes BTC.
err, there is also OTL which is over the leg, where you put th weight OTL to stretch the side ligs, OTS which is over the shoulder, you better get a long rope for that and I cant remember anymore.

Good Luck

Hey setsuma,

Here are some links to get you started. Take your time getting familiar with the hanger, the terms and your wrapping. Don’t get in a hurry. Time spent learning the ins and outs with the hanger now, will benefit you all through your hanging career. If you have questions, ask.

Quick Start Guide
PE FAQ/Glossary

Hanger Product Guide ( Read it twice and then again every couple of weeks)

Also the Hanging 101 thread has good info and links.

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Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

Thank you guys!!!!

This really is a great forum!

Keep gaining out there!!!!!!!!!!!

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