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Got to 11lb then problems!

Got to 11lb then problems!

As the title says Ive been hanging up to 11lb using my Bib starter with no problems. Ive been attaching the hanger at mid shaft and it has been gripping a natural bulge in my shaft. However, bacause of the weight Im now reaching I dont seem to be able to tighten the hanger enough to make it grip fully on the shaft. The hanger slowly slips during a set until it rests behind the head. Because Im uncut this tends to bunch up skin and becomes very painful. Too painful to hang in fact.

Ive tried pulling back the foreskin while attaching so that there is not much loose skin in front of the hanger, bu with very little success. Has anyone got any hints, particularly you uncut guys? I dont want to have to stay at this lower weight for the rest of my PE career.


Isn’t this where you should adjust toe in vs toe out? Too much toe in causes the hanger to slip off. Perhaps adjusting for more toe out will give you a better grip.

Hey Stum

What are you using for a wrap? Theraband is the way to go. I have had the same problem because I am also uncut.

I used all different wraps from tee-shirts to leather and the theraband dose not slip. I hang with the CCH3. at 10lbs.

There is a thread on theraband Ck it out.

Take Care


Thanks for the replies.

Im already using a toe out set up. I hung again tonight, the hanger slipped slightly from midshaft and managed to settle nearer the head, still gripping internal structures but with a little help from the head, without too much skin being bunched up. It was quite comfortable, but I dont seem to be able to manage this every set.

For wrap Im using theraband over shirt material. Im going to try using more wrap to give more material for the hanger to get a grip on.


How long have you ben hanging?It took me what felt like forever too get my bib and wrap going good for me.I would say work on geting your wrap and bib setings perfict for you and eventualy youll work it out,Im cut thoe so I dont know, just giveing my 2 cents

Originally Posted by stumx5
For wrap Im using theraband over shirt material. Im going to try using more wrap to give more material for the hanger to get a grip on.

Bingo. Don’t be afraid to write down your settings(so you can go back to them) and then play around with the hanger a bit, either. Could you do me a favor and tell me your wrapped girth?

Power Edit: I forgot to ask…are the teeth at the top of the hanger fully meshed?


Ive been hanging about 4 months and thought I had it sorted. But at 11lb the hanger cannot grip the inner structures enough to hold on the shaft. It gradually creeps towards the head over 20 mins and becomes very painful as everything squashes up behind the glans.


Ive just finished hanging for tonight so Ill have to measure my wrapped girth tomorrow. Im 5 inches erect girth. And yes the teeth are fully meshed, its impossible to tighten any harder. Ive also got plenty of toe out. I almost threw the lot through the window tonight LOL.



Stumx5, I’m currently hanging 20lbs at every hang session. If the teeth on the hanger meshed completely together and you cannot tighten any further then you need to bring the bottom of the hanger closer together(tighten) with the bottom adjusting nuts. That way you will have more room at the top wing nut to tighten harder. If the hanger is slipping then it’s not tight enough. Also try using some body powder to help control slipping. Powder directly on the inside of the hanger on the soft gel material. If this is unclear post and i will try to clarify.

Stretchin’ four years at it

Today I will take negative thoughts and turn them into positive and productive actions. 7.00 BP x 4.75 GOAL 9.0 x 6.5

Tried closing the bottom of the hanger and this helps but Im putting some serious clamping force on my dick. Is this going to cause any damage in the long term?

My wrapped girth is 4.75 inches by the way.


Hi Stumx5

By my name you can see that my flaccid is on the small side. I hang 10 to 12 lbs. three 20min sets.@ five days a week.

Sense the discovery of Theraband I have a comfortable hanging with the CCH3.( easy on and easy off.) with very little adjusting

or none at all. I can also hang 10lbs with no wrap at all. Check it out CCH3. this is my second hanger I like the Captains Wrench

and I will use it again when I get a little Larger.

Best of Luck


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