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erection problems


erection problems

Hello everyone,
I’m new to this forum and from the posts I’ve read u guys are really friendly and helpful. I have a problem and have started to panic now.I’ve been into PE for a long time now but had stopped all exercises for about 6 months due to erection problems
and now I’ve restarted them. The problems haven’t gone away. I’ve noticed my erections getting less harder and the angle has changed. Previously at full erection, my penis stood at about 110 degress approx. These days it’s standing at barely 90 degrees, and I’m having difficulty in maintaining it. I also ejaculate quickly despite the pc exercises. I could attribute this to maybe some wrong techniques in stretching and jelqing, something that is restricting the proper flow of blood. When semi-erect, the penis point downwards. Previously even with a semi-erection, it pointed
further up than now. I think during the stretches, if I pull the penis out horizontally, i have erection problems. Now i’m trying to pull downwards (towards the floor). I have always pulled the penis down, even when i hung weights. Somehow I think the top part of the penis is under-developed than the underside and the sides which could explain the restriction in blood flow cuz there is a slight downward curvature (when erect) which I suspect could be restricting the normal blood flow. If this is the case how do i correct it? I used to have a healthy sex drive and these days although i get aroused this problem is greatly affecting me from performing. I’m really worried and any help wud be most appreciated. I think I’m doing something wrong but can’t figure out what! Guys, please help me out!


hey sean nice to meet you.

What is your full routine?

There is a recent thread by HairyGuy on BTC hanging which covers a bit on erection angle:

Shaft Exit Point from the Body and BTC Hanging

btw the man who’s post appears above this is firstly extremely knowledgable and secondly the guy in charge here :)

how did you find thunders?

To ThunderSS & Memento

Hello ThunderSS & Memento,

Nice to meet u guys. Thanx for your replies. I have read the post by hairy guy which Memento referred to. Firstly, no the erections hadn’t improved much after I left PE. They were still at low angles (usually 90 degrees), not the pointing up erections i used to have. From what I’ve read from Hairyguy’s post, this must be due to the ligament stretching. Is there any way to correct it? I want to get my original angle of erection back even if it means no more gains. BTW, I’m unfamiliar with the terms BTC & OTS. Can u please explain what they are? Can the erection angle be corrected using jelq or manual stretching but without the use of weights?


BTW, I found thunders from Tom Hubbard’s site

Hey sean,

Check this link for info on the abbreviations.


As far as raising the angle of your erection, I am not sure what to suggest.

Are you sure your ED is not caused by something other than PE? Are you taking any medication??

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Ok, I don’t know your routine apart from the stretching and prior hanging.

I stretch down all the time but have not had similar problems. I put this down to the fact that the hardness of my erections has improved. I’ve grown 1 1/4” since starting PE and there is simply more to weigh down so if I am erect to the level that used to be my maximum it would be lower but if anything now its higher. I don’t know whether you jelq as well but I put my harder erection down to jelqing as well as kegels. I know that a lot of people have complained about jelqing causing ED, so this flies in the face of other peoples experience. It may be that correcting the hardness level of your erection will sort out the angle. Maybe you could get a few viagra tablets to check that out. Thunder has a good knowledge of supplements that might help if the cause of your ED is physical.

I’ve used 2 supplements that have caused increased hardness with erections. Male Response and Veromax. Of the two I’d say veromax has more effect.

Yeah the BTC thread is talks about lig stretch causing a lower erection. The attachment in post 4 of this thread makes this easy to see what could be going on. I’m going way out of my experience here but from the anatomy I would think that maybe extra gains to length from stretching/jelqing in an upward direction might help as it would stretch the meat of the penis whilst putting less strain on the suspensory ligament.

Maybe someone with a good anatomical understanding will post a better answer based on knowledge rather than supposition.

Sorry if this post is not too helpful but its often a confused response that causes one of the mods to post an answer (unless there’s backgorund prodding of mods by thunder I’m unaware of).

Tom Hubbard’s site is great :)


For me to be able to comment at all I need to know what your routine was before erection problems- and did you have any other PE problems prior to ED? Do you take supplements/drugs? What is your routine now? What are your gains? :)

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I have to second that thought you have. After I gave up hanging, I noticed a lower hang when erect. Also when laying in bed, henry would sit at about 45 degree angle not resting on my belly like it used to.

That would suggest that hanging over the shoulder or stretching straight up would help stretch the lower parts.


Hi everyone,
I have been into PE since 1997. I’m 27 now. When I first started I used to hang with weights and a homemade stretching device, inspired by Tom Hubbard. I used to correspond with him a lot in those days but can’t seem to find any way to contact him now. My gains with weights were phenonmenal, resulting in a 1.5” in length gain in about a year. Then I got to know aboout wet jelq (I knew about the dry jelq from Tom) and I started that to gain girth primarily and to look for an alternative to weights as I thought it was becoming increasingly dangerous with higher loads. In all these years, I’ve never had erection problems but lately when I’ve started to gain girth from advaned jelq routines that these problems have come up. I personally think that I’m doing something wrong which is impairing normal blood flow. The penis has become considerably heavier which I think could be a reason. When erect, the penis has a somewhat downward curve which could be because of the fact that I never paid much attention to the topside hence it remained underdeveloped compared to the other sides. This entire PE thing is a very intricate, delicate and precise science where u seem to learn something new everyday. I think I’ll just go about into trial and error and try to solve my current problem. Wish me luck guys but do impart with any knowledge u may have.


Sean, have u thought about pumping? I have experienced slightly better erections since pumping, maybe you could consider it.

Regards Rolo

hmm, you have a lot more experience than me of jelqing so I hope you know more than me about it. So I guess all I can offer is what I find in discussion on the newbies forum and that is the occasional bit of information that I may know already but am not using practically, so here goes.

When you jelq are you jelqing at very close to full erection using an overhand ok and jelqing down? I think doing this can occasionally put a similar high stress on the top of the penis near the base as an erect bend done with a tourniquet further up the shaft, with less chances of trauma but still a chance. personally I jelq downwards when my erection is starting to wane to get the same pump I do from an upward facing jelq.

As time has gone on I’ve increased the effectiveness of my grip to the point where I can effectively produce a moving tourniquet, so my jelq becomes more ulilike in nature. What worries me about this is that as with excercises like the sadak, it seems possible to put on enough backwards pressure on a vein that a valve beyond the grip may become overstressed, the question then it what is the weakest point, the valve or the wall of the vein. I’m not sure all the injuries we inflict even the ones to veins that are just under the surface are visible. I think the jelq relies on the blood let through the grip as much as the amount retained and thats a fine balance.

The more you jelq the more boring it becomes and the more tendency there is to find one or two good grips that work well and stick with them. I find I have to force myself to rotate regularly to keep the exercise even. With that thought in my head going into a session I realise I’ve often neglected strips of my shaft.

I know Tom suggested a method for correction of curves using jelq sticks which involved running one stick up the shaft slightly in advance of the other. Others have talked about jelqing against the direction of the bend. Maybe you can alter the nature of your grip so that with a standard ok the fingers are in advance of the thumb a little producing a diagonal stress point above the grip.


Here are a few thoughts. For some reason, guys have had ED problems when doing a lot of manual stretching and advanced jelq routines. I would stop that for now and do a search for some of those problems, the routines that they were doing, and what they did to overcome the problems. I don’t know that there is a definitive reason given for the coincidence, but it sure won’t hurt to learn about it.

As you said, a lot of it is that your dick is bigger and heavier. I do not think it is reasonable to get back to 110 degrees, but some improvement is not unreasonable if you change some things around.

It also sounds to me that part of it may be psychological. This has been written about by a lot of guys, the most recent that comes to mind is luvdadus, so you may want to do a search on that too.

I agree with Rolo that pumping may help. My erections are unreal now that I have been pumping regularly. The other thing pumping may do is provide a solid tube against which your shaft can make subtle changes- possibly helping with the curvature, just a theory…

I would see your urologist to rule out a major physiological problem and to get some viagra. This may help rebuild your confidence, decrease your worry, and enable you to enjoy sex without performance anxiety. Good Luck :)

"...its' natural environment is in the hole, so why don't you send him home. His bags are packed, he's got his airplane tickets- bring him to the airport...send him home."

From: 'Happy Gilmore'

Trouble identifying problem!

Hi there guys,
Memento, Hairyguy and 2in2002, thanx for the well-informed posts. Memento, u r right, during jelq I did pull vertically down with quite a hard erection. Damn, will this cause permanent problems? If I let go of PE now, will it improve? U see, by pulling vertically downwards, during stretching as well as jelqing, I was stressing more on the ligaments at the top, hence more development occured there and when I jelqed i put on girth and the penis became heavy. I personally think the base is not that developed because I never really stressed on the underside and that is why it it having difficulty bearing the load. Now I’m planning to strengthen the base by jelq and only concentrate on the base and no other portion of the penis. Is this possible?

Secondly, Hairyguy, what do u think happens to an advanced PEer like me when the ligament has stretched so much that the top part is more developed than the underside? If I let go of all stretching activities, will the situation improve and the ligament reattach elsewhere, possibly higher up in the body or regress? Do u think there cud be a nerve problem cuz I personally think the erections have become less hard cuz of a restriction in blood flow and weak development in the underside of the penis. I always thought that it is the ligaments than can be lengthened, not the shaft! Is it true that the shaft can also be lengthened?

2in2002, u r right, this cud be anxiety and psychological as well cuz I went thru a bad divorce a couple of moths ago and since then my sex life hasn’t been the same. But the main problem does exist, the angle and the weakness of erection.

Thanx again guys. I hope to God that this is a temporary problem and can be corrected.


Yeah, theres no problem with jelqing just the base of the penis, in fact you should be able to dry jelq that. no more lubes :)

I think hairy guy was very right in his BTC thread to point out that this thread lacks info on nerve damage. Anyone with good knowledge/experience want to add it? In abscence of that there is a lot of good info here on it and the fact that it causes ED.

After all these post I’m still not sure whether you are capable of a full blown erection right now, i think its probably best to look at how to correct your ED before assumming its a ligament problem and trying an erection enhancing drug may be a way to see for sure whether suspensory ligament stretch is the problem.

Hairyguy mentioned Over the Shoulder (OTS) hanging as your best bet in his BTC thread.

No PE at the moment

Hey memento,
I think I’ll lay off the PE bit for a while. I did see some erections 2day but that was while I was lying down and during manual stimulation. But when I stood up and looked at the mirror, the erection slowly subsided (this I wud attribute to be psychological)! The angle was also satisfactory. If I can keep this up, I’m satisfied, but at the moment I can’t maintain it. I jelqed the base and did some stretches by pulling up so that the under area was being targeted. Anyway this will be my last PE workout for a while. Let’s see what happens. Also I have been ejaculating frequently in the last couple of days so it’s really too early to expect a mind-blowing erection.

I don’t know memento, the whole thing cud be psychological too as I’m suffering from performance anxiety and there’s the trauma of the divorce as welll. Afterall, u guys have been doing this for a while and u probably never heard any1 becoming permanently impotent right? Neither have I! Sure, temporary ED has been there but it all went away when one took a break. BTW, can I continue to do the kegels?

I wanted to ask 1 other thing. How many times do u ejaculate per week(sex included)? During sex, how many times do u ejaculate and how much time do u take as break between ejaculations?

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