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Weird erection problems.

Weird erection problems.

I first found out about PE about two years ago. I was then 16 years old. I think I tried the exercises for about 2-3 weeks. I was pretty stupid back then and I don’t think I understood the importance of hot-wrapping. I mostly jelqed completely or almost completely erect, and I did erect stretches as well. I’m not sure if I had any erection problems already then, I didn’t have any sex so I guess I didn’t notice. Although I think i sort of noticed some slight problems.

About a year ago I had a girlfriend and we were about to get laid, but then i suddenly just coulnd’t get it up. No matter how hard I tried it was limp. I guess this had to do with performance anxiety, but I never really manage to have good intercourse with her. I could get really hard sometimes when she was giving me a blowjob though. Even on my own I have some problems getting and maintaining an erection, I can sometimes get fully erect but mostly it gets sort of big but remains rather soft.

Now I have a new girlfriend and I once again realize that I have a problem. I don’t know how much of this i psychological since I don’t even have morning erections! What could be a possible physical cause of this? I am only 18 years old. Do you think that my stupid PE-ing two years ago has damaged my penis?

What should I do?!
Please help!

You say that you are capable of good erections (like when receiving head), so its probably not physical.

Don’t worry overly about the morning wood thing, erections like that can fade before we are fully conscious and so we are not aware. There’s a test I read here which seems a good one to check for nocturnal erections. Stick some stamps around your penis before bed and see if they are intact in the morning.

Performance anxiety is not unusual. If you are going into sexual situations especially with, though not limited to, a new partner and are already worried about your ability to maintain an erection, you are much more likely to experience failure. In that kind of situation its very easy to get embarrassed and attempt to make a sharp exit but if you hang around and try going back to foreplay you should see your erection return. It may be worth trying to extend foreplay in the first place. Try to hold off penetration until you are so excited you are aching to be inside her.

The brain can wander when you masturbate, and if you masturbate often loss of erection is more likely. Try to reduce the frequency you masturbate or masturbate but don’t come. You will probably find you are more into it if you do.

Its also worth experimenting with masturbation without visual aids to decrease distraction from what your body is actually experiencing.

Best of luck

Thank you for your reply!

What are your thoughs about my PE-ing having an effect on my erections?

Extremely unlikely if not impossible. Lots of guys here (me included) do stupid things when we start PE. Function and sensitivity can be temporarily impaired and discoloring seems to last for a lot of people but thats about it.

Hope that helps.


I believe it’s just performance anxiety you’re havin’, I’ve experienced that too. I understand it now, even if I didn’t want to think that way back then (not too long time ago though). Just try not to think anything like “am I big enough…”, “can I satisfy her” or “will it go limp again…” that’s a 100% erection killer. Try to stay relaxed and you’ll get there in time with right and understanding partner.

I’ve also had some problems maintaining an erection when I’m masterbating/jelquing. I’ve got no straight answer which factor causes that. I have strong morning woodies though. Maybe it is that your penis “doesn’t want” to work because it is so used to hard work ie. PE. Age has nothing to do with it in my case (like yours) as I’m 25. Go figure… But you said that you can have a good erection (blowjob), so don’t worry to much.

Keep Gaining :jelq:

A Man behind his mask.

Yeah I can REALLY relate to that. A very similar story happened just about oh lemme see.. 45 minutes ago. Performance anxiety is a real killer but Johan is right, just go into it relaxed and with confidence. Even if you did damage your penis with PE two years ago your still young and it surely would have healed itself by now. So have no worries man. It’s probably all in the mind.

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