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ED problems and injuries!

ED problems and injuries!

Dear All,
I’m back after a long time as I was away for a while. Most of the last month was gruelling psychologically as I was trying to lick my bouts with ED. As of now, I have managed to control the problem which I have identified as psychological mostly but also some element of injury could be there because of irresponsible jelq and stretching at high tension. Anyway I have stopped all PE for a month and during this time there were several occasions where I did manage to get a full blown erection and maintained it also. I have also noticed that the ligaments have also started to harden up which is a good sign because previously it was all loose and the penis seemed to hang down with a loss of stability. Now it is slowly returning to normal.

The problems I am facing now are:

1) Psychological element and paranoia foremost, almost to the point of being a hypochondriac. Performance anxiety has crept up on me big time after I was unable to perform once after my divorce. Of course, the trauma of the divorce has always been at the back of my mind.

2) I haven’t been able to stop masturbation for this time as I laid off PE. In fact this is becoming increasingly a habit, without allowing sufficient recovery time, a sure sign of nervous tension. My question is: Can you overwork the penis by excessive masturbation? Because last night, at full erection I noticed my penis was twitching, a somewhat involuntary action, recoiling, immediately followed by ejaculation.

3) My penis has a somewhat rubbery and heavy feeling much like what Torso described in his posts. Is this because of overworking due to masturbation because I stopped PE for a month now? There are some girth increases and the heaviness could be due to that too. I read in a post elsewhere that if the ligaments are injured, a heavy feeling might result. Anyway I could be wrong.

4) Do you think I could have injured my pc and prostate by doing excessive stretching and reverse kegeling? How long will it take to recover?

5) Lastly, there is a slight discoloration on the left side of my shaft. It has been there for a year and a half. When I stopped all sexual activity, it seems to improve but when I masturbate or have sex, it is there again. It hasn’t caused me any problems so far. Of course I never abstained from any sexual activity for more than a week at the most so I never allowed my penis any rest time.

6) Guys, please guide me as to how I should approach my problems, one at a time. Starting yesterday, I have stopped viewing porn for an indefinite time.




please believe me when I tell you that you haven’t injured yourself physically by pe. The process of pe however causes us to focus, some of us too much on our penis. The fact that you are able to get full blown erctions at times but not at others is classical for performance anxiety. Yes even when solo you are performing for yourself. (Will it come up and stay up?). If you don’t have a steady sex partner I would recommend that you stop touching your penis for about a month. No porn, no masturbation, no attempt at sex unless it drops in your lap and you feel relaxed and confident.

You describe a pattern I have seen over and over on this board.
Performance anxiety developes and the guy does not wish to think that it is psychological - he is too tough for that - so it is more comfortable to blame it on some vague injury. Later on the guys finally recognize to thier own satisfaction that it is all psychological and have a change of heart and are relieved to admit the psychological nature of the problem. Voila they are cured.

Your description in the “overwork by mastubation’ area in your post seems to exhibit some perceptual problems probably started by overanalyzing what you think then the observation gets magnified out of proportion (think of the 85# bulemic who is convinced she is fat).

If you work out or have a hobby, sublimate your time and energy it that area while you are clearing your mind. Notice I didn’t say resting your dick, the main reason for the one month rest is that it touching it or viewing porn seems to be a trigger for your obssession, your frequent masturbation seems to corespond to ritualization. You may be going through a time when you are suffering from some form of bdd/ocd similar to dld. perhaps it your case it is not a deep trait and will express itself only temporarily.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


Please re-read the “erection problems” thread that you started and apply it to yourself as a form of therapy. Also, luvdadus has provided some sound advice. You have support on this forum.

Basically, you once had a minor erection problem that was caused by your PE efforts but that is behind you now… FOREVER IF YOU WISH IT TO BE SO. The performance anxiety that you have acknowledged will go away if you slap yourself in the face and immediately start to appreciate yourself again! I went through some bdd/ocd as luvdadus so astutely pointed out and got over my problem by realizing that I may never be able to lengthen my unit and subsequently accepting who I am.

Your points addressed:

1) Seek therapy for your divorce in the form of conversations with a trusted relative or friend. Get your thoughts off of your chest once and for all and cast them away forever… life goes on. I was a wreck for 3 months once after a breakup but I will never allow that to happen to my psyche again.

2) + 3) Your dick needs a break. Again we are running into the problem of conditioning the unit to perform at the wrong time. You should be doing it in this instance when you are both horny and free of your psychological obsession.
Ejaculating/masturbating too much is the wrong approach as is evidenced by your unit’s unusual behaviour. The rubbery feeling means it needs to be left alone. Healing will take place with nocturnal erections.
Please take a break. I have been where you are and I assure you it will be okay if you give it time and determine to get on with things youreally enjoy.

4) Possible but your Prostate is likely affected by stress. Give it a month of no PC clenches except what you need to do in the bathroom to take care of the business of elimination.
Here’s a checklist to compare with and to reassure yourself that the Prostate is okay:…rostatitis.html

5) The discolouration may be around forever but I think it will ultimately fade by at least 50% on its own if you stop PE. Try hot wraps and gentle massage of the discoloured area towards the pubic area. Once finished with the massage, after say 3 minutes, run the unit and testicles under the cold water of your bathtub tap. This will bring fresh blood into the area. Soaking the balls in cold water improves your testosterone level and sperm count.

6) Good decision on the porn.

If you want more specific answers then ask away but my assessment of your post indicates that you are under a great emotional stress which is partially exacerbated by yourself. You have to put a stop to this. Worry kills! Believe me. Keep in touch and be strong dude… you can’t imagine how much this will help you.

Can I help?


The first thing that I would like to mention to you is the same as what Torso wrote. I am not sure if you have recently viewed the thread you originally started called erection problems, but it helped me very much.

I read all about you situation and the posted advice. I was drawn to you original thread because I was actually experiencing teh same problem. I was aided tremedously by posting my problems on your thread and receiving excellent advice from Torso and reviewing the advice you received.

I have been able to experience a full recovery and am very happy about it. If you have reread that thread please ask any further questions you may have that I could help you with as well.

This forum is all about support.


I’m deeply moved by your words of encouragement at this time of great distress. I am grateful. I’ll be giving it my best shot to relax and implement the strategies you guys have outlined. I have been worrying too much and am completely fixated with this problem. That has to change first. Next up, nothing to do with the dick for a while, no forced erections, no manual stimulation and so on.

Torso, I do feel a reflex action near the perineum when I lightly stimulate the underside of the penis, maybe the prostate is kinda irritated. Do you think there is a possibility of it shifting position if the stretches were too intense? Is such a phenomenon possible? If I rest completely will it heal?

Thanks guys for touching on all the points I made. Bigprobe, I am especially delighted to see you have made a complete recovery. I have read your posts and Torso’s and needless to say have greatly benefited from them. Will keep you updated on my condition. Wish me luck guys!


Bonne Chance!

Nothing but the best of luck Sean, and please do keep us updated. If there is anything I can help you with or idea of confidence I may be able to give you to help, it would be my pleasure!

You will be fine, I am sure ot it!

Worried again

Hi everyone,
I’m starting to panic again. For the last 2 days the penis is feeling rubbery and hard when flaccid. Could I have damaged the internal structure of the penis by jeqling so as to cause scar tissue formation and thus the hardness? Or is it just due to overworking and masturbation? Please answer!


Sounds pretty normal to me.

I thought you were going to ditch the PE for a while.

My flaccid is more rubbery with tougher skin, more pumped, more veiny thanks to jelqing. I’m sure some of this will fade when I stop but I treat it as a normal by-product of jelqing and give it no more thought.

I really think previous comments are right on the nail. Try to forget about you penis for a while. Do some weight training, running, read a good novel or two or go out and chat up a few nice people. Whatever takes your mind off your penis for a while. Pick some form of distraction, preferably something you can get into.

Scratch the chatting up option. Thats only likely to lead in one direction.


Hi, I have ditched PE since almost a month. But I was masturbating on a continuous basis. What I am talking about is the penis seems kinda inflexible, tough and rubbery when flaccid so that’s what I’m worried about.


I don’t think thats something you need to worry about. When I’ve taken time off (admittedly not quite a month) I haven’t seen loss of flaccid length from the kind of pumped flaccid that jelqing gives.

That state is slightly less flexible than pre PE flaccids, most of us look at this as a positive side effect (a longer more pronounced flaccid). Its also not unusual for the flaccid to follow a slight curve down rather than flopping straight down. I tend to think (maybe wrongly) that this will fade a little with years of not PE’ing and the effects of gravity.

The tough nature of the penis is again a side effect of jelqing and perfectly normal.

Trying to avoid masturbation, as previously suggested, sounds like a good plan. The more you get your penis out for an airing the more you are likely to look and wonder.

Everything physical you have described sounds normal.

So if we assume that is the case, then what you have to work on is the mental side. The way you approach this is in the end up to you but there have been some good ideas already. It might be worth trying some of them out.

Maybe you are in some way using the worry over your penis to mask the obvious hurt you are suffering over your divorce. I’m sure you are really stressed out and though it might seem that a lot of the advice you are getting is easy for people to suggest but harder or seemingly too trivial to put into practice, you have to look at ways in which you can change your perspective and sometimes it just takes a little thing to do that.

I really do feel your concern bordering on panic. I completely understand that feeling because it was only a week or so ago that I was still feeling that way (although the confidence was slowly coming back). Momento really has given you some excellent advice.
I remember that I was completely focused on my dick and it’s inability to work properly. I even looked at other guys and thought “he’s an asshole but at least he has a dick that works”.
It was at the forefront of my mind constantly. This is the unhealthy obsession that perpetuates the ED problem. Everything becomes a thought about your unit and your problem. I cannot stress how important it is for you to get away from this.
Stop masturbating completely unless you absolutely cannot stand it. Do not view any porn at all. If you feel the need, touch your penis only very lightly, do not overly stimulate it. Try to arouse yourself with erotic thoughts and very light touching only (with fingers). Do not allow your masturbation to become a routine with a goal of ejaculation. Do not even ejaculate at all, allow yourself to be turned on by yourself and your thoughts and fantasies. I really hope this helps.
As for the rubbery feel, I completely agree with Momento, i don’t think it should be a concern for you. I think that it is completely natural for that to happen after a lot of jelquing and it gives you a larger flaccid hang, which I am sure is something you were looking for as well.

Big Probe

The words from the others ring true; I am currently going through almost the exact scenario you are. I recently started PE, and also am in a new relationship. Put both of these together, and BAM, big ‘ol whopping case of ED. I’ve tried the “sample” pack of Viagra from my MD, which worked, sorta. Gotta hate that blurry vision and sinus pressure. Real romantic, hehe. And WOW, talk about a blow to the ego, at 29 years old.

At any rate, know that your not the only one suffering through this. The advice given by Luvdadus, Torso and Memento have helped me tremendously, at the least, settled my mind. I’m still dealing with it. I think a big part of it is what Luv said, about being “focused” on yourself, your size, and performance. As with you, if my gf is going down on me, hey, 99 percent of the time its all good. As soon as we try intercourse? Nada. I lose my erection soon after. Funny thing, this isn’t constant. SO that tells me right there its psychological. Plus, I’m in damn good shape, so wtf? Doesn’t make it any easier to fix though, does it? Drives me insane. Some days it seems like the end of the world to me, because I failed to get an erection.

No erection = terrible sex partner = not a real man.

That’s what I was thinking the other morning as I was lying in bed and my gf was leaving for work. I thought to myself “What the hell, I’m a firefighter, I’m supposed to be THE MAN” But here I lie, limp and lame and no damn good for anything. But by mid morning I snapped outa it, cause it ain’t true, bro. Your here, and doing the things you do, because you WANT to be better than average, want to please a woman, and want self confidence. That itself takes strength. The ED, yeah, it sucks, bigtime. But it’s not permanent. Realize that.

Ok, I’m off on a tangent. Like I said, your not alone, and this forum is worth its weight in gold. Don’t Lose Faith.

Originally posted by BigProbe
…I even looked at other guys and thought “he's an asshole but at least he has a dick that works”.

Big Probe

LMAO I was flipping channels the other day and saw Bob Barker. First thing outa my mouth was “That asshole, he’s 70, and still gets enough wood to nail the models” My gf spit out her drink she was laughing so hard……

Hilarious Canwood, not only can Bob Barker still get enough wood to stab the supermodels, he can still beat the crap out of Happy Gilmore!

I also found with my girlfriend that if we poked a little fun of the “situation” (not too much fun mind you) it helped me to relax about it more and let me know that she was not overly concerned about it.

Rubbery feeling

Bumping this thread.

Can I ask for peoples advice on this one. I was suffering from ED, which has now thankfully cleared up during over a months break from PE :) Before this month my unit, in its flacid state had a permanently rubbery hard feeling, also reduced size, which worsened following exercising… much the same as that described by sean007 in this thread. I thought that it might be overtraining. During the month off my flacid state became normal again and I thought I was all ready to go. Now after 2 VERY light jelqing sessions the same rubbery feeling accompanied by reduced size has returned. I cannot possibly have overtrained again- I was being so careful! I almost feel as though my dick has become sensitised to the exercises and this is some kind of reflexive recoil my body has developed… kind of similar to how someone can develop an allergy over time. Oh shit am I allergic to PE?… or do you think I just needed longer than a month off?!

A little more detail on my condition. Sitting or lying down my dick loses the rubbery feeling and becomes soft and normal. Any kind of touching of my willy greatly enhances the rubbery feeling- like it is recoiling from my touch- this is what makes me think it is a developed reflex. The section of internal penis running towards my anus is also rubbery- and this has not even been jelqed! I have not done any stretching. Erections at the mo are normal- even a little better than before the recent jelqing session.

Any input would be fantastic, particularly from people who have had the same symtons.

keeep going!

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