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Hi guys, I’m pretty new to thunders and I was thinking about starting to hang (haven’t stretched or anything MUCH) and I have some doubts.well not doubts as much as they are worries. I feel that if I can take some sort of poll that it might ease my worries.

My questions is.I know it depends on your LOT and such but: How much have you gained by HANGING within the first month doing the newbie hanging routine?

Thanks Guys

PS When trying to measure my LOT, I get a clearly visible retraction at every angle.what does that mean?

If you “haven’t stretched or anything MUCH” then you shouldn’t be hanging. Hanging is an advanced technique that will only cause injury and other troubles for Newbies who have not gotten their dicks used to such abuse.

I don’t think the LOT theory means all that much, so I can’t answer that part of your question.

Thanks long do you think I should to the newbie stretch routine for before hanging?

The reason I want to do hanging so bad is because I want to gain length and I hear it’s the best method. The newbie routine has a lot of jelqing in it and I don’t care for girth right now.but I’ll do it if I have to.


>I don’t think the LOT theory means all that much

If anything then, what do you think it means?

Patience Helpme7, patience

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