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PLEASE HELP- 18 months and no gains


PLEASE HELP- 18 months and no gains


start: nbpel standing- 6.5”

current: nbpel standing- 6.5”
girth- 5.1” (gained in last few months, since discovery of forum)

(This is going to be a long post but please read I need help bad.)

Ok I started PE about 18 months ago after coming across a free PE guide while searching porn. I didn’t know if it was for real but the theory sounded good so I thought I’d try it.

It involved stretching the flaccid penis 5 directions (out, up, down, left, right) for 1min*5 times each direction.

Then 20mins standard jelq.

5*a week

I done this consistentley for about 3mnths but no gains.
I then continued to do it incosistentley (3-5 times a weeks, with breaks) over about a 6mnth period. Still no gains.

I then partially gave up and done it very irregulary over the next 6mnths. Still no gains.

Then, about 3 mnths ago I decided I’d do some more research on PE and came across these forums. I found lots of new exercises. routines and ideas. This gave me new hope.

I decided to start PE proper again and done:

(switch between DLD blasters w/ A-stretch and manual stretches) , 20min jelq, 20 *30sec squeezes, and 10 original ulis.

every other day.

I done this for about a month quite consistentley, but still no gains (except bit girrth). I decreased the frequency to 3 days a week for a while, still no gains.

I was really pissed by now, so downloaded some PE guide(paysite one) from shared files and decided to follow it to the T for a month and see how I got on.

The routine was:

same manual strecthing routine as first mentioned a top. Then pull dick out, swing about 30 times, change direction, then repeat 6 times.

30mins jelq + I added my squeezes + ulis.

I’ve now done this for 4 wks. and have not gained anything in length.

Since finding these forums and discovering squeezes it has helped me gain 0.1”-.02” girth over the last 3mnths but my length remains the same.

In 18mnths of PE my penis is more veinier (very) and has bigger glans but that’s it.

Also, as for how hard I do PE. I’m at the stage now that I pull my dick so hard that it really hurts the head were i press down on it.

Can somebody please help me, give me ideas, routines, suggestions, exercises etc..

Is it possible I’ll never gain in length? Has anyone else been in this position but finally made gains?

I was wondering if hanging would help, what do you think?, but it looks complicated to make a hanger and is it safe?


If you need more info just ask.

Do a search for Bib’s LOT theory. Read and understand it. Find your LOT. Chances are, it is already low, so in order for you to make length gains you will need to concentrate on tunica stretching, which it doesn’t appear you’ve tried yet.

Bet you a donut that does it.

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I didn’t go that long with zero gains. I believe that hanging was what jumpstarted me (nothing for 3-4 months…then I started hanging)

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I could help you write a routine if you want. There is also a mentor program you may want to check out.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

Well I tried to measure my LOT. I don’t know if I done it right because I seem to get tugback all the way too 6 o’clock. Only at about or just below 6 it’s significantly less.

But if it is the case that I have low LOT, surley the stretches straight up, too the left and too the right that I’ve been doing would’ve resulted in some length gain? (as i read in another post that anything above 9 is tunica strecthing)

Originally posted by doublelongdaddy
I could help you write a routine if you want. There is also a mentor program you may want to check out.

That would be great. It seems I’ll need some exercises to stretch the

PS- having such a low LOT and judging on my past results is there a possibility I won’t be able to make length gains or if so only a small gain. i.e. less than an inch?

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I think you can request me as a mentor. I am not sure exactly how it works. If not I can still help you with your routine.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

well I guess the only difference from you being my mentor to giving me a routine is that you’d monitor my progress and keep in contact (?).

I’m not to fussed either way I’d just be grateful if you could give me a routine that will get me some growth. I’d imagine you’d want some info from me 1st though so you’d have a better idea how to make a routine which will suit my needs.

I don’t know what you would prefer to do, maybe you could PM me or something?



Get a bib hanger, best thing for a slow gainer in length.


well heres some info for DLD or anyone who’d like to help me with my routine.

I need some tunica strecthing exercises, but I’d prefer to do manual strecthing for the time being, (those hangers look a bit complicated to make and I can’t get one through the post)

My main aim at the moment is to get some length (just getting to 7” would be great as I’d know it was working) but I’m still be keen on adding another 0.5” girth as well, for the time being.

I don’t mind working up to 5 days a week and don’t mind doing 2 smaller sessions a day (1 for length and 1 for girth) or doing both for about 1.5hrs straight.

If you could provide frequency, exercises, reps, sets, how/when to warm-up (basically everything) etc.. that’d be cool


How hard were you stretching in the past? And generally how long would your stretching routine last?

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Hi Pen15,

We share the same boat here. People who have low lot, erection angle will struggle more getting penis gains. As for me I only take one day off. Since you are an experienced pe’er I’d recommend you pe at least 5 days a week. You should concentrate more on stretching upward or getting a hanger and doing SO or OTS methods. Concentrate less on jelqing maybe 10 minutes before or after hanging.

As a friend I want to tell you not to give up.

Uhhh Mike? I think your signature is messed up or are you intentionally saying that in 2 years you’ve made NO gains?

1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, 4...I just wish gains were this easy.

Nope, it’s not messed up. I’m looking forward to that day when I gain.

Originally posted by mike2002
Hi Pen15,
We share the same boat here. People who have low lot, erection angle will struggle more getting penis gains. .

This has got me confused. I worked out that I had low LOT but my cock shoots up at about 10 or 11’ o’ clock when hard. I can point it even higher with a PC squeeze.

So do I have a low LOT???

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