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question about gains

question about gains

I have been PEing for about a month now and have had some decent gains. start sbpl 6.5 at present i am 8” sbpl and have seen about 1/4 to1/2 inch in erect length gains. 6.25 erect nbp. Is this the norm? to get lots of stretched length before it shows up in erect length and is there a paturn of stretched gains to erect gains that i can gauge myself by? I started jelqing months ago but after finding this forum ( awesome site ) I quit jelging and have just been stretching. Should I be jelqing as well? Will that help to increase erect gains from whot I have achieved with stretched gains?

Hey hogman! Glad you enjoy it here at Thunders!

Those are damn good gains in just one month of stretching :)

There norm seems to be that the flaccid stretched runs ahead of the erect lenght, and that gains may show that way at first too. An increase in stretched lenght may very well mean you have erect gains to come, but allthough it´s a positive sign there´s no guarantee.

I think you should have jeqling as a part of your regimen, for overall penis health if nothing else, but since you make good gains right now anyway I suggest you go easy at first. You don´t want to overtrain. Maybe a session of 10-15 min every other day? Then evaluate that after a month.

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Thanks for your reply, I will give it a go. I have been training regularly taking a day off per week. I will start jelqing again and see what happens. I too was also suprised at how much stretch length i got so hopefully some erect length will follow.

I’m making a wild guess here that stretching might have lengthened your ligaments (which bind the penis) to a greater extent than the CC & other chambers. Guess thats why FSBPL is usually more than EBPL Is that correct guys? Is it really possible to lengthen ligaments that much (1”+)?

I personally have very little faith in jelqing as I haven’t observed gains. Gotten better results from squeezing the shaft while clamping at the base (1/2” at maximum erection). Guys with success in jelqing, any specific pointers?

Like single hand or double hand (clamping at base)? Do you clamp at the base or mid shaft? I’ve noticed that I can’t get erect again (beyond semi erection) after some jelqing. Also the shaft & head are less swollen after jelqing than after squeezing. Thanks…

All this confuses me, to be honest. It’s sad there’s no guaranteed way or routine to achieve effective gains. You have to try different things and be very careful about not harming yourself

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Funny how many people here have higher stretched length than erect. For me, it’s the other way around.

My BPFSL is almost 1” more than BPEL.

I think it’s different for everyone. My BPFSL is generally the same as my BPEL or at max about an 1/8th inch longer.

My flaccid stretch is shorter than my erect aswell.

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