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first hang session

first hang session

Friday 6/11 was my first hang session. Got Bib’s hanger just in time and thought I would have a lot of problems with it. It’s a scary looking device and the idea of hanging weights off my dick did make me a little tense but I had no trouble adjusting it to a good fit and had a very comfortable hang. I used (3) large size Master padlocks for weights that equal 2 1/2 lbs. and hung for 15 minutes. I’m still looking for other weights to use but this was a quick start and plan to add more immediately.
My head did get a little dark and cool from circulation cut off but I followed up with a 10 minute hot wrap and it felt and looked better.
The experience is what I hoped it would be, a relaxing hand’s off technique that allows you to think about other things other than PE.
Although I did throw a porn tape in to the VCR just for a distraction, Jill Kelly getting ploughed by Vince Voyeur and Marc Davis. (It was a good production).
In the future I plan to work at my computer early in the am while I am hanging. Maybe I can make some money during PE sessions.
This is a big change in my PE program and I am not sure how to restructure my routine. I have been doing jelqs by hand and w/PJ, power stretches include V stretch, A stretch, flaccid stretch, twisted stretch and PJ stretches in 4 directions about 1 hour 5 days a week.
Now I plan to do a split routine with hanging in separate sessions and continue the girth exercises and cut back a little on the stretches.
Hoping to let the hanger do the larger share of stretching. Am curious to know some other more experienced hanger’s routines.
My primary goal is more length hopefully in a little less time.

Official stats: ( measured several times in last 2 weeks several hours after PE session)
start: Jan 03
6” ebp, 5.5” girth
current: Jun 04
6 7/8” ebp, 5.75” girth

goal: 7” erect nbp asap then will think about 7.5”, that would be very satisfying
present girth ok but don’t mind an increase

congratulations to class of 04 Longwood College

Good for you jspace, sounds like you’re off to a good start.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

I’m in the same boat as you. I had been doing manual exercises for a little over a year and recently switched to hanging after a three month plateau.

From what I have gathered from the readings of the experienced hangers two themes seem to repeat. The first is to try and hang for ten hours per week. This seems to be the amount of time required for most people to realize gains. Secondly, do not go up in weight too quickly. You shouldn’t be fatigued within a few minutes of hanging. You should be hanging weight that fatigues you in such a way that you can hang for the recommended ten hours per week.

Hope that helps

what excercises do you do to supplement hanging?
This is where I am unsure. Is it more beneficial to continue a limited routine of manual stretching and what about girth exercises? Maybe I will just experiment for a while.

thanks in advance for any advice


I’m not doing any girth exercises right now. This is partly because I had plateaued for 3 months on both girth and length. I wanted to try something else. Like you, my girth is 5.75, so I’m not too concerned with it. I have read that many people that hang increase girth near the base and some increase girth through the entire penis.

To answer your question more directly, I probably would do some girth exercises if they were still working for me. They weren’t however, so now I am only hanging. As best I can tell, most people who are hanging are only hanging. Perhaps other members can corroborate that or dispute that. I too would be interested to know.

thanks Win

I am thinking that some minimal jelqing would be helpful before hanging sessions to stimulate the tissues and increase blood circulation before the intensity of hanging. I also use a vacuum pump sometimes.

Hi jspace
I was in the same situation and decided to hang. Going slow and up to 10 lbs now SD & BTC. Three twenty min. sessions
with two days off. I am also going to add vacuum pumping to my routine, waiting for delivery.
Let me know how this routine works for you.We are both looking at the same goals

Take care 4by4


will keep you posted on my progress. thanks for your interest.

I’m having some difficulties and interruptions to my pe due to work bullshit.

People I deal with just don’t understand my priorities.

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