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Big Girtha's routine for girth and flaccid hang

Nocurious, Melvin UK, Kurtangle, lolop, Marcus J and Zurn: Read This:

Hello Guys:

I would say welcome aboard to nocurious, but I see you’ve been a member for almost a year with no posts. Nothing wrong with lurking. Reading is the key, here. Read everything posted by the vets. Yes, I would be glad to share my routine, but instead of sending it back in a PM, I’ll post it as a thread in Hangers Forum. Nocurious don’t worry about taking up bandwidth, or irritating the elders with newbie questions. Thunder’s take on this is, (and I’m paraphrasing here) if members discuss things like this among themselves in private only two people benefit. But by posting it on the boards thousands can have access to the information, about 15,408 I think at last count.

I get asked my routine a lot, especially on girth. I’m no vet, or girth guru or anything, but I guess my girth gains HAVE come pretty quickly. The ironic thing is I’m cursed by girth. All the fast girth gains have crippled my length gains, or at least slowed them down. Bib says, (again paraphrasing) “it is easier to stretch a thin (tunica-ligs) than thick ones. Moral of the story is, don’t make the same mistake I made, work length first. Girth is easy and much quicker, or it has been for me. You can always thicken things up down there once you get to your length goal. Manual jelqing, Ulis, erect bends and Pumping are the easiest ways to fast girth.

Don’t go spending a lot of money on gadgets. You can make almost everything you need for pennies on the dollar from stuff you get at Wal-Mart’s and Home Depot, your two friendly PE stores. The two in Irving Texas are considering setting up a PE isle, just for me. Sorry, Melvin, no Wal-Mart’s or HD in the UK. But I’m sure there is some reasonable facsimile.

I’ve attached my entire routine below for anyone interested. At the moment I’m fulcrum hanging 17 pounds OTS and my 20-minute egg timer just went off, so I have to get out of my Bib for about 10 min. During this 10-minute break taken between six daily 20-minute sets. I massage to an erection and clamp it off with the smallest (orange) cable clamp. I just clamp it over the Theraban wrap. I keep kegaling in blood until my glands are tight and shinny and blood red, until they look like they are about to explode. I keep this engorgement for the entire 10 minute-rest periods. The trapped, fresh, oxygenated blood feeds the blood-starved tissue in the glands that have been deprived during hanging. It also stretches the glands and cavernosa, thus being your basic Extreme Uli. (Careful with this if you’re a newbie) I also do some erect bends while engorged (definitely not recommended for newbies) Then at the end of the 10 minute rest period, which is probably not nearly as restful as it should be, I squeeze out all the blood from the head, (basic Horse 440) then attach the Bib and hang another 20 minute set.

It’s interesting we (nocurious) have the same starting stats and by the sound of it probably the same LOT. That is an LOT so low you can hardly find it. In fact mine is so low I can lift 17 pounds of weight BTC just by kegaling. This is not a good thing in regards to gaining length. But my LOT is coming up and so will yours.

I also find it interesting that the two things you asked about (nocurious) are the two things I recommend most. The BiB hanger and NOX2. I swear by both of them, especially the Bib. If you decide to buy one (smart move) I recommend the Starter over the original bib. I’ll go into details later about why, if you or anyone else wants to hear, but it has all been said before, just search and read. You can build almost anything you need pretty cheap, even a hanger, but you can’t build a Bib hanger, no one can but Bib. Trust me on this one. There are some other good hangers used on the forum. Capt. Hook has designed a pretty good one, Chickenchoker also has a pretty innovative cheaply made hanger, but if you can afford it buy the Bib, It will be the best PE investment you’ll ever make. All the other stuff you’ll need is nickel and dime. As for now there are three things you need to pick up at Wal-Mart’s:

1. Cable Clamps. $5.00
2. Home medic’s TheraP magnetic wrist wrap $8.00
3. Set of Golf weights $7.00 set of three

These are three things you should never be without

My routine:

In the above thread, which started out, as a PM to nocurious I explained what I believe is mostly responsible for the rapid newbie girth gains I have enjoyed, albeit at the expense of slower length gains. Below are a few other things I do for both length and girth. As I said to Melvin UK in a recent PM, the reason I have not posted this before is because some of the things I do may not be safe. For example, I’ve been told many times, by various vets, including Bib, that sleeping with anything on one’s dick is asking for trouble, the reasoning behind this being, you are not awake to monitor blood flow. This sounds like pretty solid advice, especially if you drink excessively before bed. However, I am a light sleeper who has to get up and piss constantly during the night so I do this. I sleep in the TheraP wrist wrap, and I feel it has really contributed a lot to my gains, especially flaccid gains. I don’t feel the wrist wrap is tight enough to cut circulation, and furthermore, I feel the benefits far outweigh the risks, at least for me. But this is just my opinion, if you do this, do so at your own risk with full knowledge that some of the vets warn against it.


I believe we should do anything and everything to keep our dicks from turtling inside the fat pad to heal. We all know that the micro-tears heal best during deep RIM sleep. This is why we have nocturnal erections and morning wood, the body’s way to get fresh oxygenated blood into the damaged tissue. For me the magnetic wrap is the safest and best way to do this. Because it is made from neoprene (wet-suite material) it keeps tissues warm. The magnetic therapy increases blood flow speeding up the healing of our controlled damage, and the wrap is sturdy enough to keep the penis extended, yet soft enough to sleep in without restricting blood flow.

Some guys who have a small flaccid length have said to me that they have a hard time keeping the wrap on, that their dicks retract and the wrap slips off. Here are two things you can do to prevent this. First off, trim the wrap. Cut it down from 2” to 1”. It cuts easy with scissors, and you can trim it without compromising the integrity of the magnets by cutting outside the sewn area. Secondly before you wrap, pull all the foreskin, or excess PE skin forward bunching it up at the end like a big squash. The bunched up wad of skin makes padding between the wrap and the glands making it more comfortable and serving as kind of a flesh washer, so to speak, that will help keep a stubborn penis from turtling out of it. I never sleep without it.

Also as soon as I wake up I take off the wrist wrap and put on two golf weights, pulling excess skin through the led rings to the end, just like the wrist wrap. Two golf weights on me are comfortable, three tend to pinch and put too much pressure on the glands. I can wear them all day without cutting off blood flow. I can piss with two of them on, and I feel they are pretty safe to wear during our waking hours, but check often to make sure blood flow is good, and that there is not too much pressure being put on the dorsal nerve bundle just below the glands. For me the wad of Skin cushions this sensitive area well enough to wear them all day, but depending on how much foreskin one has might be a determining factor as to how long to wear the weights. Even just wearing one will be enough to keep the penis from retracting. If you have a thick flaccid, like I do, put them on in a hot shower, then dry your penis with a hair dryer. Don’t leave water under the rings or it will cause irritation. .

Day or night we must never let our battered dicks retreat back into the fat-pad to lick their wounds. Make them heal extended. In fact I’m beginning to think we should never at anytime allow our penises to retract back into the fat-pad, a difficult task I’ll admit, especially for us growers, but I absolutely refuse to let mine turtle.

So, My Routine in a nutshell:

1. I sleep in the wrist wrap.
2. I wear two golf weights during the day’
3. I hang 17 pounds OTS using a pulley for six twenty minute sets a day 5 days a week with a 10 minute rest period between each set. One three set session in the AM and one in the PM.
4. During the 10 minute rest period during each hanging set I clamp off an erection with cable clamp and do erect bends, then one Horse 440 before reattaching the Bib Starter for the next set.
5. Daily I take a mulit vitamin, 1,000 IUs of E a Calsium-Magnisum-Zinc 3000 MG of NOX2 and drink as much water as humanly possible, two to three gallons a day.
6. I jog 4 miles a day seven days a week wearing the golf weights. I end each day’s PE session with three 15-minute pumps at 8 in hg in a 2” tube and 1,000 wet jelqs with kegals in the hot tub before bed.
7. I take two days of rest each week with no PE other than wearing the wrist wrap and or the golf weights

I’ve gained a little over an inch in erect length, about 1-1/4” in erect girth and about 3-4 inches in flaccid hang. After weighing over 300 pounds most of my life I’ve recently lost about 140 pounds and can see my flaccid dick without a mirror for the first time in thirty years. I’m 51 years old and my dick works better now than it did when I was eighteen, thanks to Thunder, Bib and all of you guys.

Good Luck All

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No Nukes


Thanks for that BG, you made my favourites! I have already taken your advice and purchased some cable clamps (in B&Q for other UK guys looking) and have started (last night) clamping between hanging sets.

I am taking a short PE low-intensity break (due to lots of Uni work, dissertation and finals!) where all I will be doing is hanging, uli’s (with clamps) between sets and Edging. After I finnish uni I will get back to the ‘old path to girth… Joy!

Congratulations on all your gains and also with the weight loss.

Thanks again,
Melvin :)

p.s. I think this thread should be renamed to Big Girtha’s Routine, I am sure there are many more guys who would be very interested in this.


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Thanks allot BG!


Grow long and prosper Start 3/04 Bpel 5.75 Eg 6.25- 6.75 Goal Bpel 7.5 Eg 7.5 :)

That’s a lot of water

*wipes dust off username*

Thanks for the info Biggy. I have been a member for a year but unfortunately I’ve been without a steady internet connection for that whole time. But now that I’m set I’ll post my results or give tips when needed. I’m sure I’ll have more questions as well.


This is a great post (the title doesn’t become it). It’s going straight to my favorites. ;)

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger

Thanks, Kog:

I enjoy all your posts also.

And you are right, wangchun. It’s a ton of water, but I kid you not, I drink two US Gallons a day, with a little Crystal Light and a twist of lime. I never have to worry about my wrapped dick loosing circulation and falling off during sleep because I can’t go more than 20 minutes without having to get up and take a piss.

Melvin, I thought about taking you up on your suggestion and asking a mod to change the title of this thread. Perhaps to something like, “BGs Girth and Flaccid hang routine” just to see if it would get response or flames. Because I have to tell you, just in the last week, since I began this thread in, what only six days ago. I’ve seen some terrific response to this somewhat negligent flaccid length work I’ve been experimenting with. This morning at 04-13-04 at around 2:00 am, Texas Time (I’m at work supposed to be on my rest period) I took off my golf weights and TheraP wrap just to take a good look at my flaccid hang and I can hardly believe what I’m seeing here. My notoriously retractable, turtling previously 1-inch penis is staying out on his own for the first time in my life. I’m talking a 4 to 5 inch flaccid hang here at about a 6-1/4” flaccid girth. I even ran tonight at 2:00am in nothing but a pair of gym shorts and T-shirt in this 45-degree Texas weather. (I run a jogging trail during my lunch break at work) After completing my run I checked the old wanger, and still no shrinkage. I’m back in my office now, it is 3:30 am and it’s still hanging. This is very unusual for me. Always been a severe grower.

I’ve become a little obsessed with this; NEVER LET IT TURTLE flaccid hang routine after seeing such a dramatic change. Tonight is the first time I’ve been without either the wrap or the golf weights on for almost a month. Quite honestly, here lately, if my dick has not been in my Bib hanger, or 2” Kaplan cylinder or my girlfriend, it has been wrapped in either the TheraP or in the golf weights or both, and although I haven’t seen any real BPEL gains for a while, my dick is hanger longer and fatter than I’ve ever dreamed possible. Because of all the excess PE skin I gained in the beginning from improper hanging with homemade hangers my flaccid girth is fatter than my erect girth. I’m not sure if this is a good thing, maybe not good PE, but it sure looks good. Since I bought the Bib (best hundred bucks I’ve ever spent) I’ve literally stopped the skin stretch. (Too late, perhaps.) But I’m very happy with my newly uncircumcised fat flaccid dick.

But again I feel some of the things mentioned here are probably dangerous, like sleeping in the wrap and doing bends and Ulis and Horses during the 10-minute rest period between hanging sets when a dick should probably be left alone. Or like never taking off the wrap or the weights. I’d hate to think I caused some newbie to injure himself because of my somewhat aggressive and negligent routine. Besides I’m still kind of a newbie myself. So I think this thread should stay where it is, titled the way it is. Let’s wait and see if my dick falls off before advising others. If it does not, then I may ask this thread be renamed:


Later BG

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No Nukes

Biggirtha -

Thanks for the fine post. What an encouragement for those of us who have small flaccid turtling dicks!!

Your post mentions Golf Weights — as a newbie, this is the first time I’ve seen that term on this forum. I’m assuming they are weights used to increase one’s golf swing. I’ll do a search to see what additional information I can find.

My goal now is — NEVER LET MY DICK TURTLE. I’m going to try anything that I can safely use to accomplish that goal. Thanks again.

I have found that using a cock ring around my dick and balls keeps my dick from turtling. Please give me your opinion about that procedure.

Regards, Zurn 3/1/204: bpel 6.00, eg 4.75, bpsfl 6.25 4/4/2004: bpel 6.25, eg 4.875, bpsfl 6.50 5/26/2004: bpel 6.50, eg 5.00, bpsfl 7.00 7/1/2004: bpel 6.50, eg 5.125, bpsfl 7.00 8/1/2004: bpel 6.50, eg 5.125, bpsfl 7.125


Get golf weights at Wal-Mart’s in Sporting goods with the golf stuff. I think they are about $8.00 for a pack of four. They are like super cockrings, about ½” wide 1 & half inch inside diameter made of led coated in soft red rubber. They are actually pretty comfortable, I jog in three, three weigh 2 lbs. Only way I can get them on is in the shower with soap. Best place to put them on or take them off. Just lather up, slip on one, two or three. On me three stay on, but four won’t. Pull all that foreskin up through the rings so it bunches up around the glands like a squash. This pad of skin protects the glands like a soft bumper and prevents your dick from turtling out of the weights. Gees I’m starting to hate that word already. But it’s a good word.


2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

Good post, Girtha…many of us growers are turtlers. In a tight, or where dress codes don’t allow the golf weights, just stretch the flaccid penis down the side of the balls, tight to the body and let friction between thigh and scrotum hold it there. This can be done driving, or at work sitting. Not quite the lazy stretch done by sitting on the head, but then, I can’t reach that far, anyhow. Should probably be done on the side opposite to that which you usually dress, in order to counter any tendencies to curve that way.

sarted 6x4.5

now 6.75x5.2

goal 7.75x6.25

Where do you guys find these TheraP wraps at Walmart? Ive looked back with wrist wraps in the sporting goods section but they only have the cheap elastic ones.

Hey chuckd, I found mine in the cosmetic/toiletries section near the toothbrushes. I guess they consider the strap more medicinal than the regular cheap elastic ones.

Zurn, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out peforeal’s GOLF WEIGHTS & HANGING thread. Great read. :up:

Big G. — thanks for the help. I plan to buy the golf rings tomorrow. Will let you know how it goes. Also, I have trimmed one of my TheraPs and have found it handier to use.

chuckd — I finally found the TheraP in Walmart near the pharmacy section. I stopped by that section three times before they had them. I think that they had run out and I found them after they got in a new shipment. You might want to check with the pharmacy people. Following Big G’s advice, I bought two of them (about $8 a piece).

stevie31 — thanks for the info. I’ve downloaded that thread into my computer for future reference the same as I will do with this thread. A lot of good stuff here.

Regards, Zurn 3/1/204: bpel 6.00, eg 4.75, bpsfl 6.25 4/4/2004: bpel 6.25, eg 4.875, bpsfl 6.50 5/26/2004: bpel 6.50, eg 5.00, bpsfl 7.00 7/1/2004: bpel 6.50, eg 5.125, bpsfl 7.00 8/1/2004: bpel 6.50, eg 5.125, bpsfl 7.125

BG this has been the most interesting thread I’ve ever read. Maybe I missed it but how long did it take you to achieve those gains.

I started manuel PE last May, pumping in June and Hanging in July, Joined T’s place in November, and been obsessed ever since. ot sure where to count my beginning. So I guess it’s safe to say I’m coming up on a year this Summer.


2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes


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