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Best way to hang

Best way to hang

Hi all, I’ve been hanging now for 2 weeks. I mostly hang BTC with 5.5lbs right now, 3 sets of 20mins 5 days a week. Sometimes I will just hang straight down and can still feel a nice pull on my ligs. I’ve searched and check alot of the archives, but haven’t really found my answer. Is it really beneficial to hang different ways? From what I know, BTC is the optimal position to hang in for the best lig and skin stretch, however I heard that hanging OTS is good for the tunica. I would like to know is should I just continue to hang BTC as long as a feel a good stretch and get a good workout, or should I switch it up sometimes to a different position? If I switch it up, should I do a full 3 sets in that position, or say do 2 sets in one, and 1 set in another. If I had time, I would do 2 -1hour sessions in a day, but I don’t. I’ve done manual exercises for about 4 months prior to hanging which included stretching and girth exercises. Right now, I decided to just stick with hanging and no girth exercises at all until I get close to my length goal. Thanks…

Well Im very new to PE and hanging, but from what I understand BTC is the best overall way to hang. Most of your hanging time should be BTC (some say 80% or more). OTS is good for the tunica, but dont forget about OTL (over the legs), which will let you isolate ligs from the sides. Sort of a “divide to conquer” strategy. Bib talks about limiting factors to overcome, meaning (from what I understand) that if you stretch your middle or main ligs eventually more ligs will take the weight, therefore you need a different aproach besides more weight.
I would recomend you to read all post from Bib, Dance, Phat and lil12big1 in this forum and in PEforums.
Hope I help, and please someone correct me if Im wrong.


how do you do OTS and OTL? While sitting? Lying down? What about the sharp edges of the bib hanger’s bolts?


> how do you do OTS and OTL? While sitting? Lying down? What about the sharp edges of the bib hanger’s bolts? <

I did OTS and OTL while sitting in a chair. Use a short rope extension to hang OTS.

Hanging over the left leg is no problem. Hanging over the right leg, use a towel to cushion.


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