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First experience with Bib, frustration!

First experience with Bib, frustration!

My Bib starter arrived yesterday. Great service by Bib and the hanger is clearly well made.

I must admit to being a little confused reading about the toe-in, toe-out adjustments etc, but when the device arrived it became a little clearer.

I attempted to hang for the first time last night, just 5-10 minutes with 1kg. My initially reaction is one of frustration.

I am left handed and uncut, this seems to complicate things. Wrapping I found fiddly, I cannot just pull my head, because the skin slips over it, yet at this stage do I not need to remove blood from the glans? I ended up pulling the skin away and wrapping with a combination of my right and left hand, not very subtle I’m afraid. I also wasn’t sure how tight was too tight, does it greatly matter?

At this stage I got an erection, oh dear, lol. Eventually came flaccid and i then squeezed the glans as I attached the hanger.

Then onto using the hanger. I have set the bottom adjustments to about mid setting. I am around 4.5” flaccid girth quite constant and wasn’t sure that was enough or too much. However, I do know the tightness has to be more than the bottom gap so went with that not wanting to make too many adustments. Initally I placed my shaft too low in the starter and pinched my skin on the hinge, it hurt! I closed the device and tightened the top, but again wasn’t sure how tight to go? I went alone by feeling basically so I couldn’t feel the device slip as I attached the weight. I was concious perhaps the device was placed too close to the head.

I managed to do a few minutes hanging standing with 1kg. This generally went fine, although I didn’t real feel any pull anywhere in the area, although I wouldn’t expect that at 1kg for a few minutes.

So I must admit my first hanging session was total frustration with the process.

I’m wondering if I was trying to be too scientific. Do I just essentially attach the starter as low down the shaft as possible and tight enough so it doesn’t slip or produce pressure in the head? I’m planning to hang BTC, should I feel ultimately fatique in the base or the shaft itself? Anyone have similar first experiences?

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I’m having trouble myself, but I know it will take time.

You need to wrap it just tight enough so it wont slip, so it definitely shouldn’t hurt at 1 kg.

Even though I am cut, I still have a partial foreskin from jelqing, so I can relate a bit, the only way I’ve had any success hanging so far is pushing the bib back to get mostly a skin stretch haha.

Most people won’t get fatigue at weights as low as 1 kg though, you may not feel it for awhile, so maybe think of this as a conditioning phase.

We’ll get there bro, good luck.


Don’t hesitate to contact Bib himself directly via email, he’s very responsive. Also if you didn’t already know, Bib has his own forum:

So you can post there also, if you don’t find answers here.

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Originally Posted by RandomGiant

You need to wrap it just tight enough so it wont slip, so it definitely shouldn’t hurt at 1 kg.

I meant tighten the hanger, not wrap.

Like Random said- it’ll take time.

The Bib hanger is the space shuttle of hanging devices- a little more complicated than most others because once you get it right, you can apply more load than any other hanger I know of.

Of itself that shouldn’t be a goal-it’s not a competitive event- but it’s good to know that the hanger won’t be the limitation.

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To help solve the wrapping problem perhaps consider using a silicone sleeve.

It’s what I’ve used with my Bib Starter as well as with tps’s Redi-Stretcher (thanks andro!).

It works pretty well for me. I’ve never hung more than 10 lbs with either of them, so maybe it has limitations, but so far it’s worked well.

I’m using light weight, time and heat.

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