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People with experience with Captain's wench and a Bib.

People with experience with Captain's wench and a Bib.

Can you tolerate more weight with the bib? Is it more comfortable, easy to attatch and overall better quality hang in general or is there not much difference. because I’m barely able to get by with what I’m hanging without brusing and bloated type of deal going on on the underside. How can I stop the undercariage bloating bruising soreness? what can I do about that little patch of skin on the underside that slips out and starts taking on the weight and cutting off circulation?

I got much less bruising with the Wench than with the Bib. The Bib can probably handle more weight, but I never got to a point where I found out. The Wench is very comfortable. I especially like the Wenchette with a Turn-Key clamp (do a search).

The bruising you mention will cause you discoloration that will be more or less permanent, unless you take drastic measures to remove it. You should really understand that before continuing.

That said, the Bib is highly adjustable. You may be able to reduce the bruising significantly by loosening the bottom screws so that the bottom spacing is at least as large as the top spacing when the hanger is tightened. Also, try adjusting the hanger so that the bottom screw in front is looser than the bottom screw in back (i.e., so that the hanger “tows out”). These changes should help considerably.

All that aside, I have to say that I found the Wenchette to be much easier to use and much much more comfortable than the Bib, especially after a week or two of break-in. However, I used the Wenchette only for high angle work, so your experience of the two hangers may be different if your work is mostly at low angles.

EDIT: Sorry. I didn’t read carefully enough, and it appears that you are currently using Wench. Is that correct?

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