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Constructed My First Hanger

I have (and still do) used the CCH3 and think it is a great design.
Some guys believe that it poorly grasps the internals, but I have anyways found the opposite to be true.
The CCH3 is a great hanger if you don’t live alone as it so quick to take off….like when someone is walking through the door!!

Sorry for the delay in the pics of the clamp, I will try to get onto it a little later today.

Yeah, that’s what I have a lock for. :D But the CCH3 definitely looks like something to try out, as it looks like one of the most comfortable models along with the Captn’s Wench. So Andrew you like your CCH3 better than your Captn’s Wench?

Well, RubberbandMan has been kind enough to send me a cable clamp in the mail, so looks like I’ll be able to finish making the Captn’s Wench after all. Kudos to the great RubberbandMan!

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

No problem, man. I had 2 cable clamps and only 1 penis. :cutlass:

Redwood, I just built the Captn’s wench and have just started hanging with it also. I’m about the same length as you and also think of 9 inch as perfection—-maybe this will get us there! I’m not very smooth with my wrapping technique yet.

Right on, I’m just going to get the strap today, and then once I have the clamp I will have all that I need. Mwahaha! :lep:

If we’re the same size, maybe we should have a friendly contest to keep us motivated. Did you start the same size I did too?

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Red: when my wife sent the clamp, the Post Office wanted to know what to put on the customs form on the outside of the envelope. She told them “penis enlargement device.”

Just kidding! #:-o


I started 6 1/4 bpel. I’m at 7 3/8 now, but that is with my most favorable measurement (top right side). If I measure directly on top I’m about 7 1/8 bpel. You’re bigger girth than I am as I’m at 4 3/4 G mid and 5 base—-I started at 4 1/2 mid and 4 3/4 base. I plan to strickly concentrate on G after I reach my length goal. I’ve only gained about 1/8 L in the last 1/2 year or so, so I’m hoping hanging will give me a boost. Be careful and good luck.

You bastard! LOL
My heart stopped and I had to get out the heart paddle things to get it going again, “CLEAR!” ZAP!

Good gains man, I hope we both hit the nine in no time.
When did you start doing PE, and what has been the mainstay of your routine.

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

I believe I started about 2 years ago. I didn’t know about Thunder’s and was jelqing as my main PE. I was also doing fowfers occasionally, though I somehow didn’t know them as fowfers. After 7-8 months I stopped for 3-4 months and then picked back up with the same routine. Then I stumbled onto Thunder’s and added manual stretching to my routine, but have not been good about doing manual stretching much. In 2004 I’ve gradually done less jelqing and more fowfers and just some manual stretching. Actual PEing time is about 1 year and 8 months when I deduct my off time.

I’ve put off hanging because of what has seemed to me as a definite increased risk. Since I’ve had no injuries, figured that as long as I could gain with my routine then why stop. But my gains have almost come to a halt, so time to change. By studying proper hanging, taking it slow and moving up in weight patiently, I believe I can remain injury free and hopefully will see good gains in time. I’ve started with 5 lbs. I don’t know if some start less or not, but I saw a sample beginning routine that started with 5 lbs and felt I could safely start with that.
I’ll be following your reports, as you progress, with interest.

When I first came to Thunder’s and I read about hanging, I thought it sounded pretty hardcore and that I’d never end up doing something like that.
But now several monthes later, after reading alot on this site and reading others’ experiences hanging, here I am about to start hanging.
:hanger: :-k

I did PE the first time like 3 years ago and not for very long when I read something that scared me away from it. (Something like that Dr. Linn’s site) I don’t think I gained anything from that except possibly some girth but I have no idea because I never messured back then, I can’t even remember what my length was. Then I started up again in April when I found Thunder’s (and did decent pre-PE meassurements) and I’ve been going steady ever since. So this is month 5.

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Picture of Clamp

Sorry for the delay in the pic.

It is a 1 1/2 inch quick clamp with the ends cut off. Very simple alteration with a hack saw.
I found it worked very, very well with my wench. It allows a more precise clamping force to be used when compared to a cable clamp because each “notch” is finer. It is however, more bulky but I never found it to be an issue.

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Any hardware type store should have them.

Andrew, I might wind up switching to that clamp. I had a lot of trouble getting my clamp loose after one session.

What weight are you starting with Redwood? After 6 sessions in 2 days I already feel like I’m getting use to 5 lbs. I’m not going to rush things though. The next weight amount I have is 8.8 lbs, so I guess I’ll jump up to that when the time comes, even though that may be a bigger jump than is recommended.


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