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Constructed My First Hanger

You guys are getting me all excited with these inventions and clever clamping devices! When the kids go back to school, maybe I’ll get a chance to hang more.


Thanks for sharing all your idea’s, they are all good.

cead mile failte :lep:

I have a weight set that has 2.5, 5, & 10 pound weights in it.
I plan to start with 2.5lbs because that’s the lowest I have and right around the recommended amount.
I’m being as careful as possible because hanging weights off my penis still seems pretty hardcore, and I
know it has a more risky injury factor. So I guess I’ll be stepping up in 2.5lbs increments again because
that’s the smallest weight I have. Maybe when I get past 7.5 I’ll find some smaller weights so I don’t jump
in such high amounts.

What do you guys think, is increasing in 2.5lbs increments too much?

I haven’t got my clamp in the mail yet though, so I’ll have to wait until it arrives before I can begin.
It’s coming up to Canada from the USA, so maybe they’re not going to send the clamp through because it
might be a carrier of mad cow disease! LOL Or maybe they think it might be a tool used by terrorists.
So I might have to go and find an Andrew69 Clamp to use….

That’s good man, it’s what we’re all here for, to support and encourage eachother.
Keeping us motivated until we hit the great nine!
:D :hanger: :jelq:

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

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Originally Posted by Redwood1981
What section, what are they typically used for?

They are typically used for wood working (or similar). I’m sure that there is pic here somewhere that has them prior to the modification. I’ll have search and post a link if I can find it.

OK guys,

Here is the link I promised.

It shows the Irwin Handy Clamp (to give it it’s full title) before I modified it.

Redwood: Mrs RBM has a small set of weights, 2lb, 3lb, and 5lb. Going from 2 to 3 wasn’t too much of a big deal, but increasing from 3 to 5 seemed like a big step, or maybe I wasn’t quite ready for it. I would guess going from 2.5 to 5 is possible if you’re careful.

PM me when the clamp arrives.

Thanks Andrew!

Maybe I can find some smaller weights so I can do smaller increments, I’d like to do this as safely as possible for one, and secondly get as much growth from each weight as I can before moving up to more. BTW I’ll for sure let you know when the clamp arrives, thanks again.

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Andrew, I saw your clamp when I was in the hardware store today, only $5. But I didn’t have my wallet on me, I might go get it today as I’m restlessly desiring to try hanging out and my clamp hasn’t arrived yet… I sort of feel bad that RubberbandMan went through all the trouble to send me a clamp and then I’m just going to get one of these quick clamps….

But RubberbandMan, I promise to still make use of your clamp, maybe I’ll start doing clamping Ulis or something when the CIA is done inspecting it and lets it cross the boarder.

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

No problem. ;)

Start 6/13/04: 6.0 BPEL x 5.125 EG (midshaft) Current 10/17/04: 6.938 BPEL x 5.625 EG (midshaft) Come on 7! Disclaimer: I'm not an advanced member, but my member is advancing. ;)

Well I got the quick clamp! Construction of a new Captn’s Wench hanger will begin soon, and I’m eager to try out hanging tonight with 2.5lbs, I’ll probably do 3-4 sets of 15 minutes. I’m also excited as I can now drop manual stretching and that means my PE session during the day will be short and sweet giving me more time for scheduling the other going ons in my crazy life. I’ll also be able to hang during the day as I work from my computer at home, let the count down to having a nine inch wang begin….


:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

Ok I’m hanging for the first time, this is a strange feeling. I’m still getting used to putting it on, and had some trouble getting everything just perfect so that the blood didn’t get cut off and my penis start to get cold… I think I have it right now, I’ll keep checking things to make sure I have it right… damn it’s getting cold again….

Ok I had to take it off again, any tips from you guys on how to apply this right? I’m pretty sure I’m wrapping right as everything seems fine before I put the clamp and weight on. It’s a Captn’s Wench, I’m hanging with 2.5lbs and built it pretty much as specified. Maybe I’m putting the clamp on too tight…. The glands get cool to the touch but not changing color, is that ok or is temp loss pretty much bad across the board?

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.


My glans were getting fairly cool to the touch when I was doing 3 clicks with the cable clamp I’m using. I backed off to 2 clicks, even though I could get in 3 clicks (each click creates 1/8 inch tightness with this clamp I think. I believe the clamp Andrew presented may can be adjusted in smaller increments than this one), and now the coolness isn’t as prominent . It’s stated that cold is clearly bad, but the coolness part is unclear to me also as to whether that’s ok. I’m now only getting the slightest hint of coolness and cutting back a click hasn’t seemed to hurt my internal grip as far as I can tell. As you know, I’m new to hanging also so take anything I say about this with some salt. Just trying to help anyway I can.

Yeah, with this clamp there are some many small clicks that I haven’t bothered to count how many I’m doing. Just an approximation.

What I’ve been doing is if it start to get cool to the touch I lift the weight up and then kegel in blood and massage the glands until they get some warmth back then put the weight back down to finish the set. Maybe someone who has been hanging longer can clarify how cool your glands can get safely.
This thread Hanging 101 + Sample Routine says: “5. Pay close attention to the color/temperature of your glans. Dark/cold=bad.
So does this mean totally cold, or does it have to have color change too or what?

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

I hope I’m not making a mistake, but I’m going to move on up to 8.8 lbs after only a few days. I’m not getting any fatigue in my ligs with 5 lbs. Maybe all the fowfers I’ve done in the past have created this. I eventually got fairly intense with the fowfers. I’m going to play it safe as I can and do a very good warm up before my first 8.8 lb hang, a 20 minute hot soak in the tub.

Have you been able to adjust the clamp to not have as much coolness?


Do a search using the word coolness. It turns up many threads.

I’ve been able to adjust it and make it better, but the coolness seems inevitable when I try to hang. After about 10 min in the temp drops to coolness, and I have to do the massage thing I mentioned above.

Although I seem to be coming close to fatigue from just the 2.5 pounds, I can feel it in the shaft rather than the ligs. I think I’ve toughened my ligs the same way you have, and I still do fowfers because they are very stealthly. I think when I step up to 5lbs I’ll be hitting fatigue consistantly, I might even look for a 1lb weight or so, so I can be more gradual and get more from less as I progress up in weight. I love hanging though, it’s allowed me to spread out my PE and get more accomplished in my day.

I’ll do a search on coolness and see what I find, good idea. ;)

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.


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