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Bib Starter for Sale (UK)

Bib Starter for Sale (UK)

So I was sorting through my PE drawer the other day (and quite a draw it is) and came across my old Bib. I never really got the hang of wrapping and getting it adjusted so only used it a handful of times (without any real success). I don’t really have the time to hang seriously any more so I’m going to get rid of it.

I’ve got the original theraband (albeit cut into several pieces - 22”x5.5”, 22”x2.5” and 11”x2” x2) which I’ll throw in if the buyer wants.

I had a quick look at previous posts and the going rate seems to be about $70 USD for which I’ll include UK shipping - please add $5 for Europe and $10 for elsewhere (apologies - but shipping on getting it was about $30). These are both airmail so you should get it in about 3 days.

For those of you who are hard - up, feel free to pm me any sensible offers - although the first person to offer me full price will obviously get it.



Edit: for those interested $70 is (according to google) £47 and $75 is €55

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Are you using eBay or something else?

I’m happy to do pm and paypal, but if you’d rather i set up an ebay auction i’m happy to do that.


Will put an ebay auction up when i get home from work in a couple of hours - probably the fairest way to do it.

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Last day of the auction!!

Hello.I am from Spain.

Still bib starter for sale??

Why are you dredging up old threads?

This one even has an auction link which shows it’s gone.

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