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BIB Has Spoken... A New Hanging Technique Is Born In 2006!

Originally Posted by MX

Cool idea. I think Velcro would work better than duct tape. And I’d another rice sock on the top of the shaft.

You beat me to it MX. At least I’d like to think I’d have come to that realisation. Great call. Thanks.

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Good ideas MX and Xeno. ;)

This stretch is kind of like memento describes on his routine. I stretch in the mornings with a cilindrical devise and put a rice sock on top of the shaft. Almost similar?. Correct me if I’m wrong.


Sounds to me like it’s more or less the same.

P.S. I’m sure the section of plastic cup is described as facing away from the body, for the bib-hanger skids to rest against. The valley or furrow in the rice sock is created by wrapping the tape tighter around the middle of the rice-sock

I think the idea is to get your shaft to lay/spread/stretch across the gentle curve of the rice sock— it seems to be that taping the section of plastic cup over the furrow/valley/channel would eliminate that functionality.

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Hi, Guys!

Did you try the modified rice sock already! I am curious if somebody have experienced the effect of the double fulcrum already.

It looks a bit like so. But then with the weights downwards.

So with a little bend I guess?

I think the plastic cup attached to the ricesock is for holding the dick in it’s place.

You could do it the other way around also. Then you have to make some construction that is supporting not the underside of your dick but above. Lastly make a catroll on the sealing.

I, can, I can, I can not, can not compute..

We should just wait for BIB to clarify what he really meant on how to make this thing…

I don’t know if this is the same, but I made a drawing to explain what I’m currently doing. This is some type of v-stretch I think.

FULCRUM: point on which a lever is supported and turns.
English is a second language to me. So let me know if I got all of this wrong.

I do this and my dick has been really fatigued inside, the tunica (I guess) cannot take it any longer after 4 sessions. I’m not seeing gains yet but it feels like a great stretch.

Instead of a Rice sock I came up with this, which I don’t know if it’s any good. It’s basically a T-shirt rolled and covering a stick (a bathroom towel bar, where I used to hang the towels until it broke). Sometimes I put two or three t-shirts to reduce the angle in which the penis bends.

I really don’t know what the plastic cup is for…

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I’m not hanging now but for Bigger”bib”to get so excited about it almost makes me want to try it

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To the original poster, this is not a “New Hanging Technique”.

This technique has been around for a long time so this thread tidal is very miss leading.

This makes sense to me, because I found that with a hard fulcrum bar, even with padding it was way to painful to hang this way without a pulley system. Remove the bar and just use the padding, and while you’re at it make it a rice sock so you get the heat benefit also. Good idea.

I tried something similar today using a Poland spring bottle(.5L) I poured hot water in the bottle then then did the stretch similar looking to the one in Xiedeh previous post except on the chair i balanced the botle on the topsides of my thighs like a bridge. Mind you this is my first time hanging but i couldn’t sleep and i was trying new shit with my newly built captn’s wench. Im working out some kinks to figure out the best way to wear it, I’m uncut. But I’ll figure it out. I banged out 2 10min sessions with 5lbs and it felt amazing like a stretch I’ve never felt before. Just to let y’all know after each 10 min session i replenished the bottle with hot water again. When i say hot i mean as hot as i could tolerate.

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Lovemachine, thanks for bringing this to our attention.
When you said you felt fatigue in your tunica like never before with a 2 1/2lb weight, where specifically did you feel the fatigue if you don’t mind me asking?

Thanks for posting BIB’s e-mail to you Thunder.

Lostguitar I agree with Juri, great to see you here. It was sad to read your farewell post. I am a hard gainer too and PE injury prone.


That is a great picture you posted. And I agree with the others, it doesn’t seem like you need any extra length. Perhaps some girth. But you should really stop using that Coppertone instant tanning lotion, as you’re beginning to turn a bit too orange!


More from Bigger:

“Well, it is really fairly simple. But you know my problems with explaining things. Probably way too much information.

Essentially, the duct tape forms the rice sock into a solid, but soft fulcrum, that is comfortable on the shaft. Each guy is able to make it into exactly what he needs.

Duct taping the hard plastic to one side prevents the skids of the hanger from digging into the rice sock. So, in the SO position, with buttocks close to the edge of the chair, the weights are hanging straight down, pullng the hanger down over the front edge (hard plastic area) of the fulcrum, and providing a gentle bend to the shaft.

With the weight pullng the hanger down, it also pulls the skids of the hanger into the fulcrum. The hard plastic prevents the skids from digging into the rice sock, and acts as a second fulcrum, putting more stress on the shaft which already has the gentle bend. The result is a great stress on the septum.

I hope that helps.”

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