Hello to everybody,

Finally I decide to break the ice and to join and even to post my first message to this group.

First Want to say that My history with PE has start in ’96 I took in serious my wife comments about my penis. I never though that I need PE until She told me that She need a bigger one(when we where fighting). Dot married in ’91 and soon she started hurting me about my penis even she was a virgin.

Well In 96 we where separated for a wile and The I started to find out from internet what is the average size. I am 15 cm erected. Well I though that I need To start PE. Also then I found the PE group. And at that time even bout the magnum pump but soon I find out that was not the right item to begin with.

I have seen also the Jes Extender.. Wed I did not have 900$ to spend for it so I try to make one. The problem with this item is that the head became cold and it hurt very much after 30 min.

I don’t remember when I first sow same posts about BIB HANGER but I sow a good way to make PE.

In 96 also I try to make same devices, to hold only my head of penis with vacuum and after to attach same weights on it.

I could not make it work but maybe one day I will.

Also at that time I understood that if I want to start hanging the penis must be held firm but not to hurt it.

It came in to my mind then to make a device witch can have good grip on the penis. I though about the blood pressure device. Well all we know when we have been to the doctor. To my surprise also at that time after a couple of wick somebody else has suggested this idea but seams to me no one has try it.

Well Finally I have come to my point of this message. First my question. Has anybody has try this idea ?

At the moment I have build the first prototype and as I right now I have Hand 1 kg for 1,5 hour with no pain at all.

My goal it is to make a simple device to hand 1 to 3 kg for 3 to 6 hours per day and to attach and detach easily. Also I want to use it when walk. The way to do it is to strap the weight on one leg. And also to the hanger. If the hanger slips then the weight will be steal attach to the leg..

For this idea I need same feedback and hope that together we will have more success.


P.S. sorry for my English But I have not study it at school.