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My improved home-made hanger, thanx to Bib

My improved home-made hanger, thanx to Bib

Thankyou Bib !

I took Bib’s advice on my last thread about the masking tape hanger. Bib was right - it just can’t support anything above a couple of Kg’s. Also, now, after using my new hanger, I understand the importance of reasonable preassure to secure the weights.

Essentialy, my hanger is a 1-cm wide easy-close’n’open metal band (instead of a normal screw there’s a screw with a flap thingie for the head, making it easy to screw/unscrew with the fingers).

I went to buy bands for a home-made bib, but in the store they found me the wide band, hardly made in these parts anymore (most bands today are a few mm wide, and use a normal screw).

I though the band was wide enough (read: not a “noose” band) to try using as a hanger on its own.

I wrapped the band with a thin layer of bandage-tape.

When I hang, I wrap 2 wraps of cloth on my penis, and then secure the band about 2 cm behind the head.

I close the flap-screw on the band until there’s a comfortable preassure, squeazing the head while at it to ensure not much blood stays there.

The weights are attached to both sides of the band by shoe-lace.

This hanger, 1 cm wide, can easily and comfortably support 7 Kg of weights, even more.

I suppose I’ll have to upgrade to a fully-made Bib hanger when I up the weights, as a 1cm wide ring will probably resemble a noose too much at higher weights (not enough preassure distribution), but right now, at 7 Kg, it’s a very comfortable hanger.

Thankyou Bib for your advice!

Happy new year (at least where I come from :-) and best of wishes,

Prime Alpha



As Bib said - the stretch is now all in the ligaments with my new hanger, as opposed to the masking tape one. I can’t believe I said I need adhesion lol :-)

Thanx again


That’s cool. Now, watch out for the nerve bundle on top, behind the head. With only a band clamp applying pressure over the wrap, you might be applying too much at that point. If you begin to feel any numbness, stop.

You almost have everything you need to make a homemade, modified Bib. Why not go ahead and do it. Much safer, and you will be able to hang more weight.


any display diagrams? pics?


The homemade Bib thread is stuck a the top of this forum. There are illustrations for making it. Also, you might look at Caps wench and the Chickens hangers. Further, there is a link to Tom Hubbards site at the bottom of every page which has homemade hangers.


Great. Thanks for you reply.

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