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Bib Hanger Advice

Bib Hanger Advice

For all of those who tried the Big Hanger, how much have you gained in length? Also, is it worth purchasing? Any pros/cons about the device.

I have a full-size Bib Hanger, which is probably too big, even at 7” BPEL. Many people have had great results with either hanger, but I’d recommend the BIb Starter unless you’re already huge.

I personally gained nothing while using it, but I’m probably the exception to the rule.

Make sure you also check out the Wench, or my personal favorite, the Wenchette (use the search button to find). They are nearly free and are very effective.

Both Bib hangers are very rigid. This allows a great deal of weight to be used but it can also be hard on your penis. Discoloration and soreness are the primary risks.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Most of my hanging has been done with a Starter. As MM said, the Starter seems to be better for many guys (probably most) than the full sized Bib.

Is a Bib worth buying? Depends. Investigate the other options and then decide for yourself.

Bib pros: Sturdy, solid hanger.
Cons: Getting pricey these days. The lining is fragile.

BTW, Bib hanger and Theraband prices are lower through this page than Bib’s other hanger order page hosted at a pay PE site. The only downside is you can’t use a credit card for the better prices.

I probably owe more than an inch in length to the Bib hanger. I use the standard size but probably could of done better with the “mini.” Hanging is “easy” and you can do it while surfing Thunder’s Place.

I have been using Bib Starter for last three months in the morning (6 days on / 1 day off routine with 6 sets on an average with 4 litres of water in a bucket as weight) till now practically no progress. Now I have started an hours jelg session in the evenings + 1/2 hrs pumping before going to sleep. I actually started this new routine on this Monday so let`s what happens.

I’ve gained a little over 2” thru hanging 22.5# for 400 hours with the bib regular. any 6” cock will work fine with the regular. higher weights require the starter to be far too tight……I have both.

For those of you who have the bib stater how much weight are you using?

Originally Posted by Pillar
For those of you who have the bib stater how much weight are you using?

First off, Welcome Aboard sailor! Secondly, the BIB Starter will hold as much weight as you will ever want or need to hang. How much weight YOU should be using is likely the question that you’d like an answer to. If so, much information can be found by reading threads in the Hanger’s Forum. You could even use the site Search engine. Thirdly, don’t hang until you’ve done manual exercises on a consistent basis for at least 3 months. While you’re growing your penis before moving to hanging, you can read all about techniques, etc. so that you’ll have few questions when your penis is ready for hanging.

Good luck in your PE adventure Pillar!


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The Bib is a nice well made piece of equipment but the redi-stretcher is better an much easier to use you may want to look into it before you make up your mind. Good luck oh yeah I gained 1.25 with the bib in 1.5 years of hanging.

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