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Bib hanger - Complement to Bib

Bib hanger - Complement to Bib

Hey Bib,

I am exclusively hanging until I reach my 8” goal. Let me just say, Thank you BIB.

When I was hanging with my home made bib hanger I could barely get over 10-12lbs with out pain(mostly in the head). I was lucky to get 10min of hanging with this weight, before I had to remove the hanger due to pain and loss of circulation.

Just today I was hanging with 16.25lbs for 20min with no pain and only slight loss of circulation(head didn’t get dark purple, but did get a bit cold by the end). It is so comfortable. In my oppinion (from a PE’er that loves hanging) it is absolutely the best hanging device yet invented. I feel confident that I will be able to hang with what ever weight is necessary to reach my 8” goal.

Thanks again BIB.


1999: 6" EBPL X 5.25" EG ~ 2001: 7" EBPL X 5.75" EG ~ 2003: 7.25" EBPL X 6" EG

Current (Jan 2013): 7.125 EBPL X 6"EG ~ GOAL = 7+" (anything more is fine) EBPL X 6.5" EG


Since you were the original tester, it is gratifying. While it has been slow, I hope you get everything you wish for. Thanks.


Sean what’s your original length? And gains so far?

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