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Dynamic Use of BIB Hanger on Weight Machine


Dynamic Use of BIB Hanger on Weight Machine

I am a member of this group since Oct. 2001. I have used virtually every technique imaginable. In the last three months it occurred to me to incorporate my weight machine into dynamic (moving) exercises geared to strengthening and enlarging the “the unit”. I have been involved in body building for years. Previously upon using the BIB Hanger in a static fashion, in my case the tissues would get cold and gradual ED would occur. This tended to stunt my progress because it leads to a stop and go procedure without a rhythm. It could have been a number of reasons causing this.

I have been using the weight machine for three months with improved strength of erections and general responsiveness. The unit has increased in diameter ¼” (three months) and 1/2” erect length. Virtually any angle is possible, but I have been doing primarily extreme BTC by connecting the BIB to the upper cable while standing facing away from the unit. A less extreme BTC can be done by using the lower cable. (See photos)

The basic exercise is a slow exaggerated hip thrust, secondly I do kagels. The exaggerated hip thrust movement starts with having your glutes sticking out as thought you were going to sit down and then moving the hips as far forward as possible. You feel an unmistakable progressive pull on the ligaments.

The weight stack can be varied easily for variable intensities. This is a smooth rhythmic motion with no jerkiness. After performing these exercised for the usual 20 minutes, my unit is warm and feeling great. The results so far have been increased strength in the form of appearance, and function. The BIB Hanger also allows for greater pulling force than any other technique, a most useful parameter when frustrating plateaus occur.

That is the essence of it for now, and it is an exciting new discovery (for me) in quest of the most effective procedures in PE. I am not up an all of the recent threads, it would not surprise me if this technique were already discussed in some fashon.

Best regards,

Merlin “ The Alchemy of PE

I have been experimenting with my Crossbow, (similiar to the Bowflex), but I have not considered using motion. Thanks for the idea.

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious; It is the source of all true art and science. " Albert Einstein

Crossbow trainning

For a minute I thought you were going to say you tie your dick to a bolt and fire at the target at a archery range.


My apologizies per photos, I have to reduce image size to submit an attachment. Will try to do so in due course.

Meanwile, I mentioned some earlier negative effects in using the BIB Hanger, let me clarify this: since reviewing BIB’s photo instructions per theraband wrap and BIB Hanger attachment some months ago, the ED and temperatore problem was eliminated and the fit is about right. It was not the hanger’s fault, it was my technique that caused the problem. Thus my technique is now better, and the weight machine is a real contribution.


I don’t have a pulley system, which I’m assuming you are using, but I’ve done something similar with good effect. I have a sturdy door handle (the kind shaped sort of like l____l ) screwed underneath my desk. My chair swivels and rocks. When hanging SO I use a 1” nylon strap draped over the handle and I rock back and forth or swivel side to side. The friction of the strap/handle interface is handy.

I don’t know if it is the extra tension generated from moving the weight or repetitive loading working its magic, but I get a better stretch this way than hanging statically.


That’s the idea. My weights have an upper cable and a lower cable. You can clip on the BIB to either depending on the angle you want. Whatever allows you to perform more dynamic movements I find is desirable.


BIB Hanger attached to upper cable of weight machine.

Closeup of previous picture.

BIB Hanger attached to lower cable of weight machine.

Close-up of previous picture.

Thanks Thunder, I guess will have to tweek it a bit more.

Merlin, this info might help. Get Irfanview if you don’t already have it. It’s free, small and very useful.

Try opening your pics in Irfanview, then select “Save as” from the file menu. Save them as .png files. That should knock the file size down considerably.


I also use a pulley system and dynamic motion of hip thrust. 20# weight, pulley suspended, is lifted with kegel/ hip retraction and I reverse kegel on quick lowering of weights. I do it throughout the 20 minute session which provides a much better workout than static application of weight.

I kegel when lowering the weight and reverse kegel when raising it - if I bother doing kegels.

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