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Hanging for the sake of hanging

Hanging for the sake of hanging

Hi guys,

I guess I ran out of newbie power. Got some good gains and now I would like to check out hanging. Just to check out what it is worth.

So by starting I am just a newbie to it. First of all I have to assemble all my tools:

* Weights I have, no problem on that.
* I need a hanging device and I guess I will run for a captains wench since it looks quite simple to make and also gets some good reputation.
* I need some warping materials (I read bibs explanation how to warp correctly)

Why I started this thread? - mostly guidance is what I am looking for.

The plan:

The hanging device

I will use the classic design. But instead of grippers I will use something different (I think about some latex stuff or gel). A question is left: Do I need clamps, is there anything that I can use instead of clamps?

Warping material

Since I can not get my hands on theraband due I reside in Germany, I need a substitute. First of all I need to clarify my thoughts why the theraband is needed and how to get through.

A) The theraband is flexible and is originally thought for supporting stretch movements doing sport and aerobics.
B) The theraband exists in several stretches and resistance level (which one to choose?)
C) The theraband is used to get grip on the penis by warping it the way it can get maximised hold on the penis (including some limited area on the head).

So if someone has any ideas how I get things up running easily, just tell me. Also if someone from Germany got those stuff done, tell me what u brought and what you have used.

Thanks to all addicted to PE, :-)


Hi Bread, I tried to do the Wench too, I’m uncut, and sadly, I couldn’t find the original cable clamp in the stores, but there are some on the Internet.

Like, I couldn’t find the original clamp, I bought other alternatives in clamps, and I have no luck, it always slips.
Now I’m trying to do the Bib by Ten for Seven, and I hope this works.

BTW, here are two pictures of this hanger. The inner of the hanger

BPEL 7.00 in (17.7cm) WANT 8 in (20cm)

I would just buy a Bib hanger with the Theraband supplied. If you want to hang, use the best devise you can get and study this forum.

O sure, but I won’t tell my father that I want a Bib one, believe me if I had a card already, I wouldn’t doubt it.

Thanks anyway.

BPEL 7.00 in (17.7cm) WANT 8 in (20cm)

Well actually this would be nice but a bib is like a H2 parked in a mobile toilet. The car will be found and the bib for sure too - but a little tiny wench… :) . Also I wont use a credit card maybe I can talk them to accept pay pal dont know. But also I would like to make some handmade piece.

Well actually I am uncut too. There was this other device you know where they used rules and teeth-brushes. That what I will use as a clamp I guess. Easy to make and it should hold the mess.

What strength/kind of thera-band is needed? I have a cut swim cap :-) . Maybe this will make it too. Don’t know.
By the why as a gripper replacement isn’t it possible to use a silicon swim cap and fold it some times and use needle and yarn to tie it together? Some additional plan I have.

OK I will get my stuff now. See you later and wish me luck.

Well I found some stores to get my hands on a theraband. But actually the therabands are sold in diffrent versions (color/strength). Any informations on what kind a color I should go for?

I build my self a V-clamp using a ruler. :) works fine

Bigger sent the gray color with the Bib hanger.

Use a vacuum hanger. It puts much More pull on your inner dick. No need for theraband than. If you want theraband in Germany it is found in bodybuilding and fitness supply stores

Good suggestion, ticktickticker, but …these guys were posting in 2004 (pre-vacuum hanger), and haven’t been active recently.

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I’ve always used a Bib-hanger, so I can’t really advise you about building a wench, but you can probably get most or all of the parts needed from Monty (

Monty also sells black Theraband and clamps and takes Paypal.

I’ve heard that black Theraband is better than silver, but most people use silver.

If you decide to buy a hanger I’d recommend considering a vacuhanger (Vacu-Hanger) although I personally haven’t used one, so I don’t know what they’re like.

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Mr. Happy: - thank you *s*

Later - ttt

Hey bread,

I skip the theraband. I use a baby sock with the toe cut out against my skin, and the futuro wrist wrap over top, drawn tight. Everything I’ve hung with is very comfortable with this setup. If you can find the wrist wrap, or the elbow wrap (for 50% more, you get two dick wrappers) give those a try.

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