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Question for Bib on Hanging Technique

Question for Bib on Hanging Technique

I have been trying to find a solution for a delima I am facing in hanging. I am new at this but have been researching on this site now, including the FAQs, for about 4 or 5 months and am very dedicated to achieving long term results. I started hanging after jelqing for about 3 weeks and then decided to start hanging after reading the post on your history as well as other similar posts. I have been hanging now for about 6 weeks and started at 5 pounds, and worked my way up to six 20 minute sessions but since I always seemed to have more numbness than I was comfortable with, I switched to eight 15 minute sessions two weeks ago, and at the same time moved up to 7.5 pounds.

I always seemed to build up too much pressure in the glans area and thought I might not be tightening the Captain’s Wench enough. So, I decided to tighten it down even more, progressively after I had started each session to accommodate for the thinning of the shaft while progressing through the 15 minute set. Then, I could really feel that I was gripping the tunica very, very well. It was almost as though my Wench was clamped on to a rope. The skin did not move at all when I checked it by trying to move my hanger manually, just as a check. I was very pleased with the pull I was getting on the tunica without any apparent impact to the circulation in the glans area. I was really feeling the pull all the way down to where the tunica connects in the pelvis area. I felt as though I as finally rocking towards gains!

However, while I have been feeling very good about the amount of pressure being applied to the tunica, I am still getting a little sense of numbness right after the set and then as it goes away (within about 20 seconds or so), there is a slight loss of sensitivity that remains at the point where I am tightening the pipe clamp around the Wench, forward through the bottom of the penis across the bottom of the glans. This feeling usually is gone after a night of sleep but it still has me concerned in regards to the long term effects. I am wondering if maybe now I m clamping the device Too hard? I have been very careful to read and research as carefully and as thoroughly as possible but I feel that I am missing something important. I am in this for the duration of the journey to achieve my goal, and want to make sure that I am proceeding correctly. I have been hesitant to just stop hanging and take a break since I am very dedicated to progress in this and also that I may start back and have the very same issue all over again immediately anyway due to a technical flaw. Also, this sensation or lack there of has not been anything that has not gone away after a weekend of lesser hanging volume and the full nights of sleep on Saturday and Sunday. I am perplexed and want to figure out what is flawed in my technique.

Thank you for any suggestions you may have. If there are any questions I need to provide answers to please ask them and I will answer back. Thank you.


You probably should be asking CaptnHook as well, since he is the Wench man, and has a lot more time hanging with it. Are you using a pipe clamp, or the clamps that CaptnHook described. The ones he recommends giv you a little relief on the top of the penis (where the dorsal nerve resides). Also, be careful about clamping to close to the glans, you want to be back from it about an inch at least (my opinion on this).

Hope that helps, and the experts chime in here.


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The only recommendation I can give when numbness is present is this: Don’t hang.
Lay off all PE for a time and start back light. Monitor carefully your status, and increase intensity with caution.

As per any future hanging you might do I suggest you look into a device other than the Wench. It clearly doesn’t work for you.

The Wench is without question an extremely popular homebrew device, for obvious reasons. Before Thunder redid the Forum it was possible to see the number of times a file was downloaded - and at that time the Wench supplies and instruction files averaged out to approximately two-thousand two hundred downloads in roughly three months. If only half of these people made and used a Wench it means the Wench gets, got, or will be getting a lot of use - and that only accounts for this forum. Naturally whenever this many people use a device there will be a certain percentage of them experiencing undesired results.

From the very beginning I made clear that people must employ common sense and use due caution when using the Wench. When you make this device you have made a homebrew device - it is yours and it is therefore your responsibility to use it judiciously. Frankly, this applies to any device you strap to your unit. I have seen a few cases of injuries wherein the unfortunate person layed blame on the Wench; to my mind this is akin to blaming your hand if you injure yourself jelqing. It is not enough to say “shit happens” - we make shit happen.

I have received a hell of a lot of PM’s from people thanking me for their gains via use of the Wench - to which I always respond that I had nothing to do with it: Gains are made through knowledge, hard work, and desire. Hopefully I and others on these forums have made clear that gains as well as injuries are the responsibility of the person on the receiving end of them. To reiterate this sentiment I have copied something from early into the original Wench posting:

Originally Posted by CaptnHook
All of the information I have provided in this thread is collected from my own experience gathered using this device. I am in no way encouraging anybody viewing this information to make use of this device.
Should you grow your penis using a device made according to these plans: I am happy for you. I do not encourage you to use this device.
Should you injure yourself up using a device made according to these plans: I am sorry for you. I do not encourage you to use this device.

Please consider taking a break Poke. You won’t regret it, and you have all the time in the world to work on gains when you are at one hundred percent.



I shall defer to the Captain except to make one point.

Whatever hanging system you use, try to be sure and avoid any pressure on the dorsal nerve, and especially on the nerve bundle on top, right behind the head.


Thanks for all of your replies on this p-pal, CaptnHook, and Bib. I had started off using the cable clamp and used it for a good while but I had a hard time getting the clamp to function well for me and that is when I tried the pipe clamp. I had wondered recently if I should take a look at a device that was manufactured, like the Bib hanger. I might go ahead and purchase one. I knew I was going to eventually anyway but I wanted to make sure this was for me first before doing it, plus I have just gone through a very tough financial time but I am through it now. I really believe that hanging makes great sense for length gains, and if I must make a change in the type of hanger I use than I will. I am committed to growing, but doing so safely, even if it means a time of recovery. I don’t think it will have to be a long break, as I already have all of the full feeling of sensation, etc. back in my member. Thanks again for the replies. I am looking forward to the day that I will have enough experience that I can help others in return just like you have helped me here tonight.

By the way CaptnHook, I complement you on your Winch. While there is a chance something else might work better for me I think it is a great tool, especially for getting started. Thanks for the contribution.


Try making a CCH3. I have made both the wench and CCH3 and use then alternatively so as not to get sore by always hanging on the same spot (on my dick that is!). Even though I really love my wench and it is my main hanging device, the CCH3 is extremely comfortable and I find I have better circulation with it for any given weight.
You can the the instructions here.
Also Chickenchoker can now make you one if you can’t make one yourself. Info here.
Hope this helps.

You are very welcome Poke. Best of luck.

I feel obligated to share that there might be an opportunity for people to purchase a production Wench in the future. The objective originally was to supply the Wench to people unable to construct one for themselves. Paradoxically, what has developed is a Wench that exceeds the homebrew’s capability (and fixes it’s limitations) but is something that people would find very difficult - impossible, really - to construct on their own. This was not the intention, as I felt that the Wench in its current incarnation was perfectly adequate - as the ratio of pros to cons feedback has indicated. But no harm can come from making good better, and the feedback from the homebrew, good and bad, has been an invaluable learning experience. Also, when tinkering with devices sometimes “shit happens” or better: “we make good shit happen”.
The clamping issue by far has been the biggest gripe, so my focus has been mostly spent there. It has been resolved - for both hanging and stealth ADS. Other modifications make it more comfortable, more durable, and less bulky. Ideally, this would be something guys could slap together themselves - but that would be like trying to build at home a Bib hanger that matches the quality of Bigger’s production model: As a former president was known to remark: “Nett gonna dett”.
There is a chance that I personally will not end up selling this production Wench - maybe someone else will - it’s hard to imagine doing with only one hand and a hook. A wise man on these boards has had something to say about the negatives that come with this type of endeavor. Cap has two good ears.

Originally Posted by CaptnHook
Ideally, this would be something guys could slap together themselves - but that would be like trying to build at home a Bib hanger that matches the quality of Bigger’s production model: As a former president was known to remark: “Nett gonna dett”.

Ain’t that the truth!
Just as there is only one person who came make a commercial quality Bib hanger, so there is only one person to to truly improve upon the wench!

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