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Advice for the SO of a hanger

Advice for the SO of a hanger

Matt my significant other is a hanger in hopes of increasing his overall length. I am really proud of him of taking on this project, as it has always been something he dreamed of— a large hanging cock.

He has been hanging weights since last August and WOW! The project at hand has been great. But, we are noticing a change in our sex life— he has chunky semen now. Do you think it could be an adverse reaction from the hanging of the weights.

I will refer him to this site. But, has anyone else had these problems??

>>he has chunky semen now. Do you think it could be an adverse reaction from the hanging of the weights>>

“Chunky” semen…… hmmmm.
I am not a hanger but it would seem that it would be more likely a side effect some medication or supplement or that he has cut down his fluid intake. Try having him drink shitloads of water.
We’d like to hear more details about his routine and his size progress - perhaps he himself would need to post the details. Now do YOU find that this has been worth the effort in terms of improving sexual response or increasing his sense of self esteem. Why or why not. Cheers.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

mine gets chunky and dribbles out when im on large doses of antidepressents! also ginko exstract seems to help it out somewhat!


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