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SG tension question

SG tension question

Just got my SG, was trying to find out if the supplied springs will give enough tension, or if I should find stronger ones, doesn’t seem like much pressure. Also I didn’t get any kind of instruction booklet, I watched the video, only tells you how to install but not how to adjust, or what tension each notch represents, thanks for any input.


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Firstly I would recommend that if you have no PE experience that you put the extender into a cupboard and forget about it for a while. Beginning PEers are best advised to avoid equipment at least until they’ve tried manual PE. Manual PE will give insights into the penis that strapping on an extender won’t and may well produce better gains.

Regarding tension. Not too much would be the answer. stretch until the penis itself stretches no more and leave the extender there. That is a good starting tension.

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I’ve been doing manual for a few months, just feel the extender will do better job.

I added the warning because your profile says you have no PE experience and you joined a month ago. You must be really bad a manual PE. What have you gained so far?

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First of all you’ve got to keep in mind that extenders are supposed to be worn for severals hours a day. The feeling should not be the same as manual stretching, you should hardly feel it at all.

The basic function is to keep the penis in an elongated state for a long time, and you do that by setting the appropriate amount of bars on the device and then strapping it on.

I would recommend first setting the fine tune to the lowest setting possible.

(Rhere are 2 fine tune parts on the SG, one can be adjusted by holding the wheel at the base and turning the rods, the other by holding the rods and turning the wheel, a thinner rod with screws on it should appear on the base of the device and on the base of the first rod, but don’t unscrew them too much or they will come off).

After they are at the shortest mode simply put the extender on and you can slowly increase tension by inreasing the length with these fine tuners.

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Stats also at Profile

Thanks Dude that’s the info I was looking for.

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