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Question about hip position

Question about hip position

I know it sounds like a funny question, but I know I can’t be the only one to have noticed this.


I’m stretching while in an upright seated position. If I slide my hips forward, just a little, it feels like the tension decreases and my penis extends approximately a half inch.
This happens weather I’m pulling up, down, or side to side.


Am I taking the tension off of the ligaments and putting on the inner shaft? Should I be doing this?

Thanks for any input

Do as you like more, I doubt it will do ay differences.

Whether your hips are forward, back, left, or right, if you are tugging on your dick it’s the same result. This is like asking if something that weighs 5 pounds will weigh less if you move it to the left.

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What I was getting at was, whether or not the “slacking” meant I was pulling on inner shaft as opposed to ligament. The things I’ve read so far says it does definitely make a difference.LOTs theory I think it’s called?

Thanks for the replies though

Hip position makes a huge difference in length for me. For example if I put my knees together and lay in a fetal position on my side my erection projects maybe 4.5” NBP from my body whereas if I’m standing with my legs spread and hips thrust out I’m 6.5”NBP (maybe a bit more).

Not sure if that helps?

I have played around with seated hip positions when doing stretches in the beginning. Eventually you get the feeling down where you can stretch straight out and in any direction based on your leg and hip placement without moving your arm much. The only time I really take a wide stance is when doing bone pressed wet jelqs and variations on ulis.

It may seem like a hassle but it really does help.

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