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Question for the people that use extender devices

Question for the people that use extender devices

I was just wondering if you guys put the tension to the max or you just put it at a tension that will not make your head numb or go purple and you can weir it for whoever long you want? When I first got mine, I would try to stretch it to the max and would have to take it off after 1 hour or so. Now for the last week I’ve been putting less tension on my device and I can weir it for as long as I want without numbness or discoloration on the head of my penis. So I weir the device when I get home, do my routine(stretches and jelqs} take a shower and weir it for the rest of the night. It could be from 4 hour to 8 hours I weir this device.

Has anyone else been doing this? I’ve been reading that you don’t have to put a shit load of tension to get results. If anyone has been doing what I’m doing, it would be nice to hear from you along with your progress.

Thanks alot

My impression from reading the monstrous PeniMaster threads is that your strategy is a good one. I will be buying an extender device sometime in the future as well, and I plan to follow your strategy of moderate stretching for long periods.

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