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Questions with nooby extender


Questions with nooby extender

Hey guys, so I just received my extender (pro-extender off eBay) and so far it seems great .. But I find it incredibly aggravating to try and actually put it on. I’m not sure if there is some trick to it or what, lol. For starters; I am a decent length already so I have the extender maxed out in order to get a good stretch, but trying to hold myself stretched, while compressing the extender and trying to hook the strap with one hand is near impossible! Also tried the noose earlier today .. It seemed to hold the head in a way that allowed the shaft to pull in some, reducing the stretch I could attain. On top of that, after just a half hour it felt like it was going to rip my head off!

Any advice on how to best get yourself strapped into these things? Also, is it normal for the head to get very cold, but maintain normal color? That may have been due to the compression I was undergoing in order to keep everything stationary .. Not sure. I like how the stretch feels .. Although it’s weird watching it go from normal size to incredibly thin while stretched .. Assuming that’s normal. Lol.

Anyway .. Looking for any advice for safely and comfortably wearing the extender. I’m not concerned with being able to wear it under jeans in public .. No way I could keep an 8 inch metal contraption hidden under my pants regardless .. Lol.

Thanks guys.

Can you post a photo or link of the device so we can get a better idea as to its operation?

Ok, here is a pic of the device. As you can see, it can use either the strap or the noose. The strap is far more comfortable, but both are insanely difficult to get setup properly while under tension.

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Quick note .. Since this pic I’ve actually switched the rods around. Instead of having the 2nd set of smaller rods at the end, inside the tip attachment, I moved them to the center. Makes no difference except for when threading/unthreading the sections to adjust length I can make sure they don’t unscrew, now. Lol.

I see now. Screw in the screws with the knurled knob so you can get the device on. Then lengthen the extender with the screws to get the stretch you want. It does have springs so they will compress also. Overall though the straps are a pain in the ass. I think the vac extender is better. You could probably just buy the vac parts and adapt the rest of the extender you already have.

Put your penis through the base - detach the upper plastic part of the extender(were the noose/strap attaches the penis), then strap the penis to it and pull it over the rods(may have to do one side first then the other rod).

I have the same. It works. Use the noose not the strap. The back of your head will get used to the noose. The strap ALWAYS makes your dick slip out when your actually getting a stretch. I have a log. Check it out in my signature. Same proextender.

Length log step by step with personal insight on life -

Extending and Stretching

Hmm .. Yeah in order for the strap to hold I have to really ratchet it down, and that cut off some flow to my head .. Lol. I tried the screwing it down lower then extending it again, that may be the best way, though. Ron, that’s a good idea, and by far the best way to get attached to the upper part .. But trying to stretch it over the rods after is near impossible .. That’s like 1.5 inches past what I’m stretching at. I haven’t tried with it screwed all the way in, though .. May give that a go.

Animal, I checked out your log and pics, looks good. Question though .. Are you using the noose with nothing underneath? I tried that and when I started to tighten the noose it pinched the hell out of my frenulum! How are you avoiding that?

If the screw is completely screwed and you push the rod’s spring down while pulling the strapped penis over the rod it shouldn’t be too hard; start with one rod then the other.

Yeah that actually did work okay, thanks! I was able to just barely stretch it over the end of the rod with everything screwed down and compressed completely, then extend it all back out. I wore it like that earlier for a couple hours. The noose started making me sore then so I’ve taken it off for a break. May post some pics just to log everything later.

If the noose bruises your skin, I suggest you make or buy the vacuum cap to use it with your current extender. Don’t ignore it - I did and ended up with minor scarring which hasn’t faded in years.

Hmm .. Thanks for that tip! Definitely do not want scarring on my penis. I’ll check it out. I also thought about using a small piece of the silicon wrap I bought a while back around my corona to keep it from irritating.

Go to the African American section in health and beauty in walmart and get the acid for fading dark spots on skin and then just use it to get rid of scaring or irregularities or coloration on your dick.

Length log step by step with personal insight on life -

Extending and Stretching

For that type of extender, I found a ski sunglasses strap to be more comfortable than the silicone strap or noose. Here it is:


Hmm I didn’t think about a cloth strap .. Probably would be more comfortable. So far I’ve been testing the silicon wrap with the noose .. So far it’s been way better. May look into the strap though, too. I’ve still only worn the thing like 8 hours total .. Lol. Be a long time before I see progress at that rate.

Thanks guys!

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