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Extender Users questions.

Extender Users questions.

Guys I bought an extender and have tried to use it, it is just it makes me so nervous. I have done 1 3 hour session and it felt fine, however there was wouldn’t say complete numbness but slight numbness possible just the feeling from stretching. I have since then tried it another 2 times and I just get so nervous. I don’t feel pain at all, but I can feel the tension. I just don’t want my penis to fall off or something go bad if I leave it there. I feel the sides of my penis as it is in extender and they feel firm to touch, is this normal? Some tips guys please.

Thanks For All Your Help

Sounds like you need to reduce the tension. Try starting off 4 cm shorted than your erect length in the device I.e the extender is only 4cm shorter than your dick. What your describing is something similar to what I experienced when I first started out but it was because I had mine at too high a tension.

Take it easy and slowly work up the tension and bars. In the end your extender should be quite comfy. After 2 weeks of using mine I had noticed frequent erections.

Reduce the tension buddy.

Take care.

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