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Penis extenders & septum

I’m not sure if this is mentioned anywhere else on here but I stumbled upon this by trial and error..

Say, like me and many of us on here you feel that you are limited by your tough dorsal cord thingy and you have attacked it with V stretches and the like and are still only feeling a minimal stretch then give this a try..

I been using a metal rod about 10mm in diameter as a fulcrum.. But I have been using it behind my nuts and across my legs, because I thought since this tough dorsal cord thingy is going to take a long time to grow why not go behind it and your nuts where it is mostly penis that hides in your body with no signs of the tough dorsal cord thingy.. This is the best way I can explain it and so far it is doing good things for me, it’s a proper stretch rather then just resistance.. Give it a try guys :)

I think you’re right on the money 890kgv :) I haven’t done any length work for months and I haven’t lost anything.

Once you apply heat and use fulcrum hanging I don’t even think the cord is hard to elongate. But without heat its impossible.

Originally Posted by 17ml
Ok hold on a moment. I have a upwards curve, quite a severe one sometimes. It seems when I stretch out my penis and feel along the very top of the shaft starting at the base there is a cord like string, it’s very much like a “hard vein” and I could see why most people might mistake this for a cord. But when I’m looking on detailed vein pictures of the penis, you see it’s just a superficial dorsal vein that runds along the top of the shaft. I’m not sure if this is what some people are feeling, but when I feel it, it really is a tough little cord, that feels like it’s holding your penis from stretching, it feels like it holds 99% of the tension when you stretch your penis. It also feels as though it is all the way through the thickness of your penis, but only noticeable by hand at the top.

IS this what some of you are feeling?

It’s not the dorsal vein, no. I can see my dorsal vein and its clearly not what we’re dealing with. What you’re describing does seem to fit the ‘cord’ profile though. There’s a long discussion about what it might be in this thread: Knowing whether you are limited by Dorsal Thickening/Septum

I think the stress is not the same in the septum (inner penis fibers) and in the outer penis fibers. What happens is that you feel it more on the place where all the fibers converge, the septum. If you concentrate you can feel it also in the outer fibers, but its obviuosly lesser. Also, think that you are appling the force in the middle of the penis, the septum is obviusly going to get more stress. This is true for all the people.

Anyway, the fibers are all circular?.

Will or will not an extender lengthen a septum?? Dam what does it take to get to get a simple two sentence answer or opinion on the question.. No one freaking needs an anatomy lesson on penis structure.. STOP THE CLUTTER

Yes in most of guys. And manual stretches and hanging and jelqing will do the same.

Originally Posted by frank james
Will or will not an extender lengthen a septum?? Dam what does it take to get to get a simple two sentence answer or opinion on the question.. No one freaking needs an anatomy lesson on penis structure.. STOP THE CLUTTER


An extender will assist in the lengthening of the penis as a whole, including the septum. It takes time and patience as with all good things in life. The anatomy lesson provides a visual for those who want to see what the penile tissue structures look like as well as how they function whether subject to PE or not. Helps to troubleshoot PI’s as encountered. Finally, regarding the clutter…

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So final point , what is the best exercise to attack this septum/ steel cord and make it softer so to increase length gains??

Hanging Straight up, using Fulcrum or extender?

Then- 5.7 x 4.7 (bpel x mseg)

Now- 7.1 x 5.1 (beg 5.5) // Goal-> 8 x 5.5+

Extender Log 2017

Any stretching modality that uses a fulcrum under the shaft will apply the force specifically to the septum most of all, such as hanging straight out over a rice sock duct tape fulcrum or a manual A-stretch.

In terms of “softening” the tissue of the dorsal tunica, you could use heat applied to the top of the shaft (preferably IR, just don’t cook yourself), or precondition the tissue before your primary stretching protocol by doing several fulcrum stretches, like the A-stretch.


I have this cord and feel stretches to my abs/fat pad as mentioned. I seem to do best when I warm up with a fowfer for a while. I even hang maonly btc with it turned to left or right.

Fowfer + heat when I can is better but I dont get alot of privacy. I dont measure as Im doing this long term but my PIs are great and I can tell I am gaining. I think mine has become much more flexible since getting serious about this 3 months ago or so. Have not tried much fulcrum hanging yet.

Yep toyotajon, heat and precondition that septum. Fowfers are a good preconditioning stretch for BTC hanging too. It targets basically the same tissues.

If you feel your septum is limiting things doing straight out fulcrum hanging will probably be most productive after you have gotten any lig gains you are going to get.

One thing I do which Im not sure if its an official way to hang. Im sure it is. Anyway, I basically get on all 4s kinda like a downward dog yoga position with legs spread, the weights hanging straight down from that position. In that angle I get 0 skin stretch and the cord gets all the stress. I like it, just hard to hold that position for any amount of time.

I have never heard of that before! I wonder why that hits your septum so well? I don’t have any septum issues, I can’t even feel that I have one to be honest, but if I see anyone asking about this problem in the future, I will pass on your discovery.

I was trying different angles and found that when I do that hang method, I dont need to turn the “steel cord” to left or right. Something about it makes it hang perfectly straight, no idea what or the mechanics of it. Just getting in that position turns it neutral. Wish more guys watched this feed to get thoughts/feedback.

Start a thread in the hangers forum to talk about specifically what you want to know and what you discovered. It’s always easier to get people to check out page 1 than page 9. ;)


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