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Penimaster anyone tried it?

Hey guys, well as you can see im a newbee around here, im trying to make some time to do the newbee routine and get used to it. well i tried to do a tread and for some reason i couldnt well i think is bcuz im new.
I will like to know from everybody what do you think about penismaster does it work?? but well my main reason of this message is that, can somebody tell me if they had used another type of penis extender, i was searching over the www and i found the max extender which it look Cheap and then i saw the penis master and it was a littlebit better than the other one and the price it was ok, then the JES and wowww too much money, it looks nice but NOO! and finally i saw another one that it look alike to the JES it was the Euro Extender and its not that expensive compare to the JES. I will like to know you opinion.

Hoo and by the way i saw it on ebay by the name of EURO EXTENDER.


The Euro-Extender looks exactly like the Jes-Extender and Andro-Penis except is cheaper.
The problem with these kind of “extenders” seems to be the noose type attachment which constricts blood flow to the glans.
I personally use the cheaper but pretty good PeniMaster which is not trouble free either.
You must take it off at least once an hour for healthy circulation.
To gain lenght with these methods is a time consuming task but if you work hard probably worth it.
What ever you choose good luck with gains!


Thanks EEE,
it is really helpful your opinion and i wish other can contribute.


My results after one month in to the use of the Penimaster.
4-5 Hours a day with maximum tension routine.
NPBEL Gains= No noticeable gains, (maby a millimeter or two?)
PBEL Gains= 0.3”.
I don’t know how this is possible maby I am measuring something wrong, But I have measured several times and get the same results.
I am starting to realize that gaining an solid inch with this method and my routine will take 10 months or over if even possible.
I also added the newb routine to my schedule to jump start gains…
What are other “Penimasters” experiencing? Please reply.


Hello all,

I have been around reading up on articles for some time now. I decided to also order and start using the Penimaster. I am not expecting any instant results, but I guess it would be nice to hear that someone has actually gained a legit amount and roughly how long those gains actually took???

Thanks for all the great information and opinions in the thread,


I can’t believe I read the whole thread!

After reading, I’ve decided I have to give the PM a try. It’s a lot of money, but if I can gain even 1 inch, I’ll be pleased.

A few questions:

1. How am I going to wear this during the work day? I work in a software company and I will have to conceal this.

2. I used to do manual jelqing and got some temporary gains of about .5 inches after several months. But I stopped and in about 1 month, I lost that gain. I feel like I’ve even gotten shorter when erect. I believe I was about 6 in. erect and I got up to about 6.5. But now it seems I’m not even 6!

3. Will the PM work for me? I can commit to wearing it up to 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I might be able to do a bit of manual jelqing but probably the PM will be mostly all I can do. Do you think I can reach 7 or even 8?

4. Girth is no problem for me, I tend to gain lots of girth from even a little bit of manual jelqing. I’m mainly trying to gain permanent length (mostly in the erect state, though flaccid gains are a nice bonus)

So, should I get the PM, based on what I’ve said above?


Well, I couldn’t wait. I just ordered my PM.

My wife says she doesn’t want a bigger cock from me, but all I know is that when she used a dildo that was quite a bit bigger than me, she liked it!

Oh, by the way… one reason I’m not so anxious to increase my girth is that I love receving BJs from her. A fatter cock would make it much harder for her (I think I’m fairly thick down there) and would not encourage her to learn to deepthroat me. Not that she is interested in doing that for me now, but having too thick a cock might only discourage her.

Having a longer one though, I know will turn her on, as she often presses into me during sex, wanting me to go deeper.

Wish me luck as I do my first real PE (I have used pumps in the past and they did give me some permanent gains… but not enough in the length department.)


I think it’s up to you if you wanna get the PM or not.
What I can do is try to answer a few of your questions.
And remember all I have is a little over a months experience with it…

The only way to conceal the PM is by wearing baggy pants.
The bars on the device extend further than the length of your stretched penis.
If you are using maximum stretch or close to it, you must take the device off every hour
due to circulation and numbness.
So consider this: Will you be able to take a bathroom brake every hour for 10-15 minutes?

No one knows if you will gain any, since wearing the PM requires a lot of patience and months of use. A few experienced Penimaster users I have “PMed” told me of gains in the one inch mark. So I do think gains are possible.

Good luck with what ever your decision is.



Sorry my 2 cents came a little late…

But good luck with the Penimaster and keeps us posted on gains.


Thanks. I’m really hopeful on this, but I’m concerned I won’t be able to be as devoted as many others here. I’m a bit nervous that after all this anticipation, I won’t have any results to post.


Time and patience Rambone.

Time and patience.

Yes, time and patience! :)

Great, I just discoverd that my LOT is 6:00….

even more time and patience! :)

I would never wear the PM out in public for fear of it coming undone which sometimes happens when i have it on max tension. So i only wear it at home which is only about 3-4 hours during the day. I have tried wearing it while asleep and its good because when my penis gets numb then i wake up and can take the PM off and regain cirulation.

G Man, you night PE sounds really dangerous. Sure a penis/glans getting numb is not uncommon for PE’ers, but it means you’re doing something wrong and have to make sure next time you PE it won’t happen anymore. If you let your penis get numb every time it will accumulate to semi-permanent damage.


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