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Penimaster anyone tried it?

Speed, I think that NineInchDick is referring to the additional extensions supplied with the Penimaster. Just use them as you need them. I seem to go back and forth on the smaller ones depending on how much I use them that day. Some days I need to add extensions and others the basic setup works.

I’ve had mine for about 3 weeks now.

NineInchDick, When I use the Penimaster my dick gets longer and thinner. Almost wimpy but the next morning my girth is back and in full bloom again.

I also do jelqing, bends, blasters etc…

I really think that continuous stretching combined with girth exercises just enhance everything you are doing to become that Supreme PE Jedi Master.

What I mean by that is try to make him heal in a longer position. Everything gets stretched along with the Corpus and Tunica.

Fire shall reign from above as shards of heated shrapnel hurl savage kisses to mortal flesh and shattered bone below.

For days, the dead hung in the air as dust.

The support tray on my Penimaster broke 2 weeks ago. I sent an email to the company and received a new, stronger support tray and 2 rubber straps. I like the new support tray much better than my old one. It just seems to fit better. Also, I’ve found out that by wrapping like I was going to hang, makes the Penimaster much more comfortable to wear. I’ve worn it for just under 400 hours so far and have increased my flaccid length by 3/4 inch and erect length 1/4 inch. My erect gains are slightly less than I was anticipating, while my flaccid gains are greater. Instead of taking 1100 hours of use, it will probably take 1600 hours of use for me to gain 1 inch erect. I wear the Penimaster 3 hours/day, normally in the evening while watching TV. When worn under my house coat, my wife doesn’t even notice.

I just received my Penimaster today…took about 10 days for the shipment…

I’ll start using it and post any results….but I’m also doing manual stretches and girth work so they will not be just PM related but heyt gains are gains and I’m confident that this device will help

I ordered the PM last night, can’t wait to get it. I hope it is as comfortable as I have read.

I have been using the MaxXtender. I tried to conceal wearing it but that doesn’t work worth a hoot. Anyone here had both devices? I don’t mind discomfort but I have to take off just under a week sometimes to heal. Requiring healing sucks. I can not get much more than an hour in within a session. Especially since I have to stay low in my bedroom during use. Don’t want the kids noticing the buldge while wearing it around and asking questions.

A question about the use of the PM. Is taking the device to the full stretch what I am supposed to do? With the maxXtender, I would gradually increase the stretch till I could go no further. Then wear it for at least 30 mins maxed out then gradually reduce till it was ready to come off. I have 2 extentions and I am able to get to 9 inches. Course, the length does not stay but I have seen increases. I wonder if I am going about this wrong. Should I go slower and not max out? I have felt like reducing slowly has been helpful on my gains. When I am ready to take it off, I go slow on reducing the stretch. I wait 3-5 mins then go down a notch. My suspicion is that going from max to just fully releasing tension can perhaps make the ligs not as pliable.



My goal: from 11.9 cm NBPEL to 18 cm NBPEL (~7 ") or never...!!!! after 5 weeks(and a long break): 12.5 cm NBPEL

Just a little input - I believe that if you do regular PE, such as stretching, you can reduce the required daily time for gains. Obviously, the owner’s manual is assuming that wearing the PM will be all that you’re doing. But I believe that an intense stretching session of 30-45 minutes prior to donning the PE could make serious inroads into the required wearing time.

Just my opinion.

But I believe this same concept works for hanging as well. 3-6 hours per day might be eventually needed, if that’s all you plan on doing. But you if you’re going to hit your ligs & tunica with a lot of stretching, you could probably cut that time in half, or even more.

Hello everyone,
Had the penimaster for about a year. I have not been true to the club in the sense that I did not take before measurements. I do notice that the flacid gains are great, and that like other i have used an ace bandage to wrap just below the head for more comfort. I enjoy this more than the bib device because I can use it without having a wieght hanging between my legs and I can sit and I can walk and I can do just about everything. I can even do laundry in the common laundry room while I am stretching.
I that I have made gains, even though I have not been using it religiously.

One trick that I use besides the wrapping of the penis before placing the behind the head part is that I wrap around the head with a piece of rubber. This rubber is normally the type used when drawing blood. I wrap it around the whole head of the device. This allows me to use more tension without the device slipping and allows me to hide it under my pants better.


PM is good so far

Is this thread Dead?
I have finally read every post in this long but interesting thread. It took days but thats ok.

In thinking out my strategy for using the PM, I reflect on others experiences and there is a thought that comes to mind. Is growth adaptive in regard to the ligs or any other component of the penis? How I came to that question is thinking about the time I will have to wear the PM. An example is this weekend. I have a 4 day weekend and a number of 3 hour sessions would not be out of the order. Other days I will not have so many hours. I would like to think that every hour is accumlative. Will my unit get used to getting X-hours a day and not respond if I fall under that quota?

In addressing the problem of the burning at the scrotum, I tried something different. I took an ole bandanna and cut 1/4th section square followed by folding that cut piece in fourths. I think cut an X shape to insert my unit. Then the Base of the PM rests on this cloth. That helped alot but still had some burning. So I applied baby powder in the area burning occurred and nearly no problem. I still have to check on it and reapply the baby powder.

Pardon for any misspelling. But I did find the story funny Supersizit. Definitely one for sharing.

I would also like to say I am really impressed with this thread. I did not see any real flaming. Must be a mature group here.

Those who own the PM and are still using it after much time, please post your gains. Wearing the PM knowing real success is around the corner is what a lot of us need.



Hey guys , i’ve just ordered my penismaster from

a couple of questions for the people who used it for a while…

1. do you pump some blood into the head for a nice grip ?
2. i am uncut , any problems using the penismaster for uncut guys ?
3. Has the rubber strap been changed to a more stronger one , this is for some one who ordered it week or to ago…
4. How can i get an extra rubber strap from their web site , is there a way to do it on their web site ?

and the last question , can you the veterans of penismaster user fill me out on their gains…..

Thanks alot….

My Bib is going to a closet. for now , but i am sure i will use it soon , who knows .. it’s a pain in the butt if you are uncut… wow it rhymed…. ;)

reply to fellowesenergy

I have had mine for just under 2 weeks so I may not be the best person to reply. Least on part.

I am cut so I can’t help you on how it affects uncut people. I find it does help to engorge the glans (head). The PM will come with extra straps. If you have ordered a PM, remember that it is under waranty. I recommend reading this entire thread. It took me a while but you will find it well worth it. Just remember to go slow in using the PM and pick up speed later. Learning how to properly use devices and techniques will take you farther than most anything else, it will be time well spent. To help prevent tearing up your straps, you will be less likely to tear it up by pulling off slowly and holding by the base, not the area where the rods insert.

Hope this helps,


Little Help?

What’s the best way to wear PM, and how long should I keep it on before I take a break?

Guys did anyone gain more than an Inch use PM?
Thank you for your time

I have carried the Pm for now four months.

With different train strengths.

No result.

No length, nothing.The foreskin must be pulled back when laying on.

You can carry him as long you can.

At the beginning it hurts at the acorn.

I carry the Pm up ten hours on the day with short breaks.

In the breaks jelque I.

Perhaps you are more lucky?

Say hello from Germany.

Can the pm be used with a skinny penis?

Also would any supplements help with the process?

Noppel, I have a question for you. You say you have used the PM for around 4 months and have had no gains? Have you increased your length of stretch by adding rods? How aggressive have you been with increasing your stretch?

I am by no means an expert since I am working on my 3rd week of wearing the PM. But it seems that you should have had some luck.

I sure would like to hear some of the veteran PM’ers tell how they have gained and about how aggressive they were with using the device. I am getting in at least 3 hours a day, occationally I only get 2.5 but many times I get in 6 hours or more. Weekends mostly.




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