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Penimaster anyone tried it?


May I?

Thank You.

Momento asked DaFish to read the forum guidelines when he gets a chance “cuz ppl who dnt dnt lst lng”

Translation: Please read the forum guidelines “because people who don’t don’t last long”

If I had to guess (with out reading your posts), I would say they you have used these worlds in a post. Did you use correct capitalisation?

Anyway, maybe you should read the guidelines.

Thanks Andrew.

andrew 69 your stats look very impresive. has the gains shown been due to the pm or some other method,?

hey guys its my first post ever! anyways, I have been lurking for bout a year now but haven’t had the time to start a routine. I have been wondering about this penimaster deal so could anyone recap their gains if any? and has anyone used this device exclusively? I work at a hotel and have 8 hours a day 5 or 6 days a week to get something started I just want to make the right choice to start out cuz I don’t want to get discouraged. So would you guys post gains made by this device or honest opinion as to if it is effective. and also in the situation I am in would you recommend any other devices I could utilize at work? Thanks for the help guys!

Hi Pillarofsociety

I cant tell you of any gains, because I’ve only had my PM for little over a week.

But others on this site have had some.

The first days I wore it over 10 hours a day, but now I’m down to the 3 hour minimum recommended time a day.

The PM can be worn for 3 hours straight on a light to moderate stretch, but on max stretch I cant go over an hour before the glans going numb.

The thing is I don’t know if this moderate stretch is enough for gains, I have e-mailed the company with no response. So now I’m going 3 hours aday with max stretch.

And be prepared to wear baggy pants if you wear it outside.


Hey EEE, I’m having the same experience as you. At low tension I can really wear it for a very long time without any problems. But at higher tension it’s about one hour maximum. On the JES extender site they said it’s with the maximum tension that people got their results. But it’s too much hassle for me to get it on and off after an hour when i’m outside or not at home watching tv or playing games, so I hope it’ll also work with lower tension.

Hi everyone 2 weeks ago i got a PM. I have tried to put it on about 20 times and everytime it just slips off the end of my penis.
I have tried pulling the supporting belt more. But it still falls off the end of my penis.

As anyone had this problem and how can i stop the slipping of the supporting belt?

You might want to try lowering the tension a little bit, also I have noticed that the “socks” they provide are useless and make the slippage even worse.
What I do is wrap some ace bandage around the are of attachment (below and over lower area of glans) and the belt stays on fine.
Make sure you pull enough of the head over the tray so it wont slip out right away.


I have a few suggestions on this. However, I do not agree that the socks are useless. The socks prevent rubbing along the length of the shaft.

Here are my suggestions, First…make sure your clean. I usually use the Power Jelqer just prior to putting on the PM. Then I take a shower and make sure I am very clean of all oils. With my penis in the swollen state after using the Power Jelqer (PJ), the head is enlarged and assists in the prevention of slipping.

If you are not using the PJ, you might try this. Wash yourself and make it squeaky clean. Then get a slight erection. Make sure that when you put on the PM that there is plenty of blood stored in your glans so that it will hold better. I sometimes, due to the slippage, will use my PC muscles to attempt to engorge my head just as I tighten down the strap to my perferred last notch.

Here is another trick that I have worked through. The strap will slip sometimes too…notch by notch. I use cable tie velcro straps to hold the strap steady. I also believe the velcro cable ties increase the life of the strap. The straps will loose thier elasticity.

Hope this help,


wipeout: also you can wrap the shaft area for about an inch or two behind the head. Then apply the penimaster. Wrapping really helps.


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I was looking at one on Ebay today. Was thining about bidding.

I’d go for it man.
I’ve had mine for 20 days and I like it.
Progress will be slow but if you stick with it I think you just might get some gains.


I have been using my Penimaster for the last week averaging about 3-4 hours per day. I have already noticed an increase in base girth, has anyone made any gains with the penimaster yet? If so what were your starting stats when you got it, how long have you had it for and what is your wearing routine?

I’ve been using the Pm now for a month. When I measure my dick it’s easier then before to get a few mm extra. Of course statistically this cannot be proven that it’s bigger because my measurements are not exact, but I believe it’s working. It’s not the reported 7.5 mm nor is it 5 mm. But I think it’s about 2 or 3 mm. After my first strap broke, I tore it in half, I decided to use a different mechanism. I’ve been using the cord of a medal now. It’s about half an inch wide and I fold in so it’s double. The cord doesn’t slip and it doesn’t stretch, so the grip is much better. It allows me to use longer rods, so now I wear at maximum tension with 8cm + 4 cm rods. It does however impair with circulation. I’m still working on that, so after one hour I have to take it off.

Oh: usually I wear it for 3 hours a day. Some days I get to 4 and maximum of 6 hours, but those days are rare.

Have had PM for about a 3 weeks

Hi, I have been using PeniMaster for about 3 weeks and I like it. I am starting to see some gain. I wear it for about 1 to 1 1/2 hours two to three times a day. But as others have stated, it will take 6 months or more to see real gain.


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