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Penimaster anyone tried it?

Originally Posted by fellowesenergy
a couple of questions for the people who used it for a while…

1. do you pump some blood into the head for a nice grip ?
2. i am uncut , any problems using the penismaster for uncut guys ?
3. Has the rubber strap been changed to a more stronger one , this is for some one who ordered it week or to ago…
4. How can i get an extra rubber strap from their web site , is there a way to do it on their web site ?

and the last question , can you the veterans of penismaster user fill me out on their gains…..

Thanks alot….

My Bib is going to a closet. for now , but i am sure i will use it soon , who knows .. it’s a pain in the butt if you are uncut… wow it rhymed…. ;)

I’ll offer a little input …

1. Yes and no. I use it with or without an engorged head. However, it does wear better when the head is engorged. Less slippage. After a jelqing session it really wears snug. When the head is not engorged there is sometimes the problem of slippage of the head from under the strap or a pinching of the head to the extent that the edges turn almost white .. which is not good.

2. I am cut.

3. I’ve had mine since late October. Still using the same strap.

4. Mine came with two extra straps, 3 total.

As for gains, I really got into PEing a week or two after getting the PM. I started at 6” erect length. I pulled out an inch in a matter of say 1.5 months (I think that is right). However, during that time I started PJing (jelqing using the power jelq). The first noticeable gain with the PM was the stretching of the skin. That is a must before any gains can occur.

As for the Bib … I use it more than any device at this time. After hanging and jelqing, I use the PM to keep me stretched. I wear it about 2+ hours a day. I am really seeing good signs from this method.

Hope this helps and good luck with your gains.



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Hello Manzwa.

Two hours with the Pm is too short ! All Pm humans says, at least 6 hours carry ! Mutch more, mutch better.

I tried everything out with the Pm! Property with much traction power and less traction power gearbeitet.I have stretchet with 900 gramm. The last LINE OF the Pm. But nouthing. Only i stretcht my skin. It does not look now beautiful ! I carried 10 hours for the Pm on the day, with some short to trace. In trace made I 5 minutes of Jelq. Each hour a break.

Since which I only make stretching and jelq, a small growth is to be recognized. I do not use the Pm any longer, mine skinn am to become not longer. Sorry, but me brought pm the nothing good. You however much luck with the Pm.

Greetings from Germany

Thanks Marty for your input…


I have had my PM for a few days now and for the life of me I can’t figure out how to tighten it behind the head so that it both stays on and doesn’t turn my head blue. I use an Ace bandage over the skin but every time I notch it down to get a decent pull my cock head is purple inside of 5 minutes. I love this thing and think it is a powerful tool in PE but only if it can be worn uninterrupted for 5 hours or so a day. I actually get more pull and have less ‘purpling’ with the Bib Hangar and think it has something to do with the cushioning used inside of Bibs unit. But it could have to do with the angle of pressure as well. Please anyone else have this problem and solve it? Thanks so much, JelkyWadHolmes seeking to break Mach9 and am new to this.


I never got the purple head UNTIL I started wrapping behind the head. What works for me is Johnson and Johnson First Aid Hurt-Free Tape. I got mine at Wal-Mart. It is 1 inch wide. Two or three wraps around the shaft just behind the head, clamp on the PM strap and off we go. I am able to get a MUCH better tug with this wrap and no slippage.

I would suggest experimenting more with the wrap. Don’t put it on too tight. The wrap I use stretches a bit so it is not prong to cutting off circulation. Also, try squeezing the head of your penis prior to clamping on the strap. This will remove all blood and decrease your chances for ballooning the head.

Hope this helps.



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Thanks Marty,I’ll give it a try. Any results from your PM regimen? all the best to you, JelkyWad

Originally Posted by jelkywadholmes
Thanks Marty,I’ll give it a try. Any results from your PM regimen?

I think so. I say “think so” because I have tried various exercises and devices. The PM was my main tool for a while and then I started adding some jelqing. The result was that within about 1.5 months (I think that time is right) I had pulled out an extra one inch in erect length. I was pretty steady at it back then, but since Christmas my job has just sapped my time. Now the most effective workouts occur only a couple of times each week. In between them I get what I can.

So yes, I think the PM contributed greatly to that inch. I have resolved myself to the fact that quality time is going to be limited for a while and therefore it will be a slow, but steady go at it for me.

Since discovering the wrapping technique I told you about I have fallen back in love with the PM. I feel like a PE prostitute because the last few months I have run back and forth between techniques, devices, etc., mainly because of time contraints. The basic theory behind the PM makes perfect sense to me. Some days I get 3+ hours of wearing the PM, while other days it pushes me to get an hour. But with the wrapping and the near perfect tug I get with the PM now, I am certain that any time is time well spent.

Good luck with your PM too.



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Is the pm good for really smal cocks?

tyson21, I do not know why it wouldn’t. It fits a large range of sizes extending all the way to 12 inches. Check out the FAQ’s on it.


Is there anywere I can buy it with paypal?

I don’t know, email site for info. Else, I suggest getting a debuit card. Thats how I do my buisness.


Anyone know how I can order some new straps for my penimaster?




"I have strong feelings about gun control. If there\'s a gun around, I want to be controlling it." Clint Eastwood

Marty, email the seller of the product. Remember the device is under warranty. 3 year I believe. Ask about how to acquire and you will likely get them sent free, least that is what I have picked up on by reading this thread.

Good luck.




They sent me straps a base and even support plate.


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