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Penimaster anyone tried it?

I clamp down just hard enough that i can do a keggle and engorge the head so it doesn’t pull out.

slim pee p

Yea, have you noticed that the head pulls the black holder tabs out because of the tension on it?

Yes i have noticed that. It doesn’t bother me just as long as the head doesn’t pull out, so i really engorge it. Hows your progress coming with the penimaster.? I’m going to measure in a week or so. I have been wearing the penimaster for near 2 months now.

slim pee p

Haven’t noticed any big change, had it for one month. I do notice that you ned to really get the head big first in order for the holder to hold it better. Works best after I have taken a shower and jelked it. You?

Couldn’t hold out. Today marks my 56 day with the penimaster and i decided to do a fsbpl measurement. I used to measure 8 3/8 and now i am up to 8 5/8. Thats cool as hell. Haven’t done any erect measurements yet. Just letting you guys know that this device is working for me.

slim pee p

Great. What’s your routine Slim?

I just wear it for 3 hours at the very least. I usually wear it for 5 hours, but that going to change when i get back on my weight lifting routine at the gym. I’m going for more length with this device then after I’m happy with it i while start to jelq for more girth.

slim pee p

Hi guys, I’m joining this post late cause i’ve just joined TP and finally got to this thread.
I’ve used a stretching device (homemade, based on the jes extender) for about 2 years and they do work. When I started I was at 7 1/4 ” bpel, now Im at 8”. The reason I’ve only gained 3/4” is because I used to have quite a big curve in my dick, which is the reason I started this in the first place. It’s straightened out quite a bit and Im hoping that it gets to about 70 or 80 degrees some time this year ( it’s currently at about 55 degrees).
When I started I didnt go full guns at it and didnt do it all that regularly up untill last fall, so I think all my gains were in the last 6 months or so at about 3 hours per day. I also started jelqing last fall so I think that had something to do with it also.
Keep the thread going, its nice to find people that think the same.

till next time, hasta la vista


Welcome to the board Wulfe

I’ve been following this thread for a while and I’m glad to see somebody post a substantial gain especially taking into consideration your curve.
I had a hunch that this “Gradual tension over time” is an an effective certainly sounds like a good theory to me and despite the problems that people are posting concerning the glans…I think the scales have been tipped in favor of purchasing one for myself. I’ll figure some solution for the glans.
Keep on gaining man!!! :buttrock:

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I agree. I hated it at first and now I rather enjoy it. Are you guys cinching the head down all the way to hold it from slipping out as you go up in tension?

Price for Penimaster in US $$$?

Hello All,

After looking at the Penimaster site I have to say it looks impressive. But just how well it holds up over time is the proof in the pudding. After using the Grip for many months and KNOWING that daily stretching routine definately does work.

But wearable items such as latex, silicone etc stretches and possibly breaks over time. That’s why I gave up on the Grip, sorry company, couldn’t get replacement parts for it.

How much is the price for it in US dollars? It says the Euro is about the same as the US dollar, correct?

You guys that have bought one say some good things about this product so that’s really a plus. Would using Theraband or a little t-shirt material under the head support improve the comfortability factor any?

Over all it seems very well made and thought out.
Will it work for a 6” flacced stretched out penis?

Thanks for any help,


Hey, I had the Grip System and let’s not go there! It is a piece of junk! Enough said. I don’t use any bandage or anything for the head and it works just fine. They give you 2 extra Head Holders when you buy it. I think it was about $140.00 for it, not including shipping. And yes, it will work for your Monster. LOL.

Re: Price for Penimaster in US $$$?

Originally posted by ineed9
How much is the price for it in US dollars? It says the Euro is about the same as the US dollar, correct?

€1 is currently about US$1.15, so €149 = approx US$170


Grip, piece of junk...absolutely!!

Hey GC24, I think I remember us having that little conversation about that piece of trash Grip. I gave up on that thing a long time ago. They just pissed me off to bad to deal with them any longer. So that’s that.

Anyway, I did learn something from the grip and that it’s entirely possible to stretch the ligs and create length if used enough every day. I also used their ADS after the grip routine and actually sealed the gains in flaccid length over a few months of use.

So, I’m wondering if it could be done in reverse using the Penistretcher. The grip pulls from the head but the PS pushes the head outward. same difference I guess.

It seems the biggest problem with all devices is the attachment point. Will the PS keep the head in place without some slippage occuring.

If it can do it even using Theraband or something else and deliver a good stretch to the ligs then it’s well worth buying. I’d like to hear more from actual users on how well it works and if slippage is a big problem.

It looks very well made and makes good sense if it dosen’t slip much.
Also, thanks Guiri for currency rate.


Hi to all,
Im wearing the PM now up instead down. Do this after reading bib post about the LOT theory. Although it is not a lig stretching device but you always stretch the ligs a bit so it is not bad to apply this LOt theory to the PM.
I have 7.30 LOT so no much to get from lig streching, better to do Tunica stretch, thatswhy im wearing it up.
Im getting this way a very good stretch in the shaft, by the way im using now the longest+secondlongest+shortest rods togheter, its a lot… :) its strecht like hell, maybe i will get back to shorter since it is no big strecht needed as the PM literature saids…

Wellcome on board, I do the same as you: Dj’ing with the PM on :) :)
As i said in my previous post, i will not measure till three months are completed, so is waiting time…
As reported here, some people have made gains with this kind of devices (gentle strecht over time) so i hope i will see results in 3 or 6 months timeframe.

Wellcome and thank you for your report, it encourages me to keep doing this thing. Hope we all can report in the near future similar gains as yours…
I too have a slight curved dick, hope it corrects to a straight one and btw gain some centimeters more.

Hello and wellcome. Go for it man, im sure you will be not dissapointed after you get used to it. Slippage will not be a problem if you use piece of Theraband to wrap under your head and then engorge (kegel and than squeeze the shaft) the head, after having a “pumped” head put the PM on as usual…
Another option to consider is to buy a BIB hanger and use it as a all day stretcher (like Penimaster) or as a hanger (with weights). Both are i think good devices.



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