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Penimaster anyone tried it?

Service has told me that it takes 6 -12 weeks to see any results with the PM. Anyone noticed that that has used it that long? Pardon the pun.

Modifying the Penis Stretcher


I am one of the unfortunate saps who ordered the penis-stretcher from the Andro-Medical site. This is the one that uses the loop to keep the glans in place. Simply put this device sucks. The loop causes alot of pain in the head and the head constantly slips out, or ‘lags’ behind the attachment where you place the glans. I have ordered the peni-master and hope to get it soon.

In the meantime however I made mods to my penis-stretcher. I am one of the least mechanically-talented individuals on the face of the planet so this is very simple but it works. I took a hack-saw and then cut 2 groves in the front part of the attachment. Then I found some a velcro type thing that is one piece but has a part where you take the velcro and stick it through(it’s like a squareish hoop, wish I knew what it is called, but for the life of me I can’t remember). I then wrap my unit, place the velcro strips in the groves with the hoop part on the backside of the unit and then tighten. The velcro wraps around completely and I tighten over the front side of the place that holds the glans. This is working much better and I can use this device for about an hour to hour and a half without slippage. The head does get a little bit cold but I take the device off after the hour and a half and message circulation back in.


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I have gained 1/4 inch and I do not use it every day. Everytime I wear it I feel my ligs stretching. It feels like an ache behind the base. Everytime I wear it I go for 3 hours. I have worn it about 10-15 times. I have also noticed that I hang a little better as well. I unlike others am using the penimaster without using any other forms of pe. I also noticed that I have gained in girth almost 1/4 inch. Penimaster works and it works very well. In fact, I have it on right now!

so how long have you had it and which rod are you using?

I think it has been about 2 months now. Take a look back at some of my earlier posts on this site and Pe forum. I use the long rod with the short one.

What is your length as I use the long rod and feel a pretty good stretch and then last night I used the long and short, but it seemed to slip a little. I go for 3 hours in the AM and 3 in the PM.

correction. I use the long rod by itself, max traction for the last 45 minutes or so which would equal the long bar and the short bar, if that makes since.

yup. that’s what I thought. Same here. Good stretch. How long before you saw any results?

Hello everyone,

I have been away from the forum for a long time and my how those threads add up! I, too, purchased a penimaster and have found it to be an incredible tool. I haven’t measured anything yet as I don’t want to be discouraged by small gains and I haven’t been using it more than a month at this point. I use it at work and have found to be very easy to conceal. The only caveat to that is that the device must be worn with the pull in the upwards direction. I can wear it for about an hour or more, then go to the restroom and remove it. I gave up on the PJ device long ago as I found that manual jelquing was a much more hearty work-out. Also, it was very difficult to maintain the proper amount of erection using the pj. One of the things that I never liked about the design of the PJ is that there is no pressure applied to the sides of the penis as one stretched. I always felt that pressure was being dissipated even with the device completely compressed.

One of the new things that I have tried recently was using something I read a while ago on the site. Corkscrewing the penis then using the penimaster to pull the penis away from teh body, about 20 minutes clockwise and counter clockwise is all that I can handle at this point.

Any thoughts?


Hi ropegroper,

Yes, great idea corkscrewing the penis…
What i sometimes do is put the PM on and then slightly rotate to a certain point where you still feel confortable.

Good luck with your gains, i think they will slowly come… And do not forget to report here.

Cya, Matti


This sounds very interesting. But could you please explain it a little more. Do you mean that you pull the PJ around and up your shaft in a corkscrew fashion? If so, is this not a very hard motion to do?


I have a PM and that mother fucker works . How in the world could it not work . and you don’t have to have your DICK up you can do it down as well. I use it 8 hr a day every hr i take it off and put it back on. after 3 hr I rest for 1/2 hr and start all over.

MR Big fattire

Wow this shit works!

First of all i want to say hi to Matti and ofcourse to all of you pm users.

I am from Holland and i am also using this great tool for about 6 weeks now. I wear it for 3 hours a day - 6 days a week and i don’t find it difficult to wear at all, i even quite like it! I also started with jelqing and stuff but it is very time consuming and now i wearing this i can do what i want at home, dj íng etc and still work out, excellent!!!! I will keep you guys informed and i wish you all great gains. I think progress will be slow, but Rome was not built in 1 day either!! However i really believe it will work.

PS Matti, have you gained yet? Ciao a dj from holland, where the girls are pretty

Question about the penismaster?


Northstar: Sorry for this late respond, but what i meant with thin plastic as wrapping was plastic foil. I put two or three pieces together wrap it around the cockhead, then i take string and tie it around and the head over the plastic foil. Maybe it sounds uncomfortable? but its way better then the original fastening.

I have a question to all of you PM users, How much pressure do you use when wearing the device?
Personally i try to stretch beyond my maximum streched length, but in this state i can only stand the pressure for about 15-25min. Sometimes i also use pressure which is the same as my erect lenght, which is about 2cm shorter. In this state i can wear the device for about 1 ½ hour. All together i wear the device for about 5-6 hours a day.

I wear it 3 hours at a time with it stretched out at a comfortable stretch. How much does everyone clamp down on the head?


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