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Penimaster anyone tried it?

Correction fo my former post:

Im wearing now longest+rods fixed in ring+shortest rods


Hi guys, and thanks for the feedback.
I’ve just finished reading BIB’s LOT theory and it makes sense to me too. I’m going to try stretching up instead of down or straight out to see what happens.
I’ll keep you posted

Hasta la Vista


Good points. Theraband? Where do you get that? The biggest problem that I have is the slippage as you apply more tension.

I have a bunch of Theraband in three different “strengths” (tan, yellow, red) leftover from my foreskin restoration days. I’d be happy to send some to whoever needs it. Since I don’t hang and I use a soft Telfa dressing for my Penimaster, I don’t need the stuff anymore. How much do you need? PM me.

Cool, check your PM.

hi guys,
I have been using the PM for three weeks now with nothing gained except slippage and pain!!
I have tried everything to keep the band on , the only thing that works is tightness - but with that comes the pain!

Do any of you guys have any advice?

Have you guys taken any photos yet to show you wearing it?

If i get any gains I will contribute tons of pics.

Join the crowd. check the above threads. Try using Telfa ot Theraband on the head and a smaller rod to start or not as much tension. I hated the PM at first but its seems better now. You won’t see much for 3-6 months with daily use of 3-6 hours.

My lot is at 6:00 and i gained that flaccid stretched lenght of nearly 3/16 of an inch in almost 2 months. Im going to stick with the downward stretch for one more month then im going to measure again. If i dont gain anything then im going for the upward stretch. Might as well keep using it the way i started until i stop gaining.

slim pee p

I e-mailed service about the up or down position and they said it didn’t matter.

Do you think it matters where your lot is compared to wearing it up or down?

slim pee p

still waiting....

So, I’ve been holding off posting because I wanted to have something good to report. But now I’m just frustrated. I’ve been wearing the PM (exclusively)for 78 days, 3-4 hrs per day. No results. I wear it up for and hour and down for the remaining time. I can wear it for 1-2 hours before needed to take it off. For the most part, I’ve been using it as directed…ie screwing down to the fourth line on the tension bar(more tension). But I seems like others have had gains in 1/3 the time I’ve spent.

So any advice someone has is appreciated.

Here’s a question - the manual says NOT to use the PM past the last line on the “spring-thing” because higher tension doesn’t promote faster cellular growth. So, how many of the gainers are using it this way vs. using it to stretch the hell out of thier member? Which works better?



hey all,

have a look at the following links to see my description of a simple modification to the Pmaster attaching mechanism, complete with pics and diagrams. it has been easy to use, comfortable to wear, and only slightly more visible under loose pants than the original design. I have not used the Pmaster long enough to see any gains, but I have seen some of the young people around getting huge tribal ear-peircings that seem to rely on the same concept of tissue growth under light tension, so the idea seems good.

Modified Penimaster pics

Penimaster modifications

Nice job on the mod for the PM. Golarge, you need to wear it 6 hours a day as per service info. I have had it for 7 weeks and see a small gain so far.

6 hours is simply not possible, except for weekends. And its way too visible under dress slacks, so I can’t wear it at work.


It seems to me to soon to take a final conclusion about this device.
They claim that you will see first gains after some months of use… so stick with your wearing program, and gains should come.

About tension, your four lines tension seams not to much for me. I screw it up so far as i can hold without pain.
That means in my case that i reach sometimes the last line on the tension bar (i can not wear it more than one hour this way). This is after an adaptation time where i weared it on the third line.
I would suggest you now to start with more tension.

To avoid slipping the head off the sleeve, use the head pumping technique described in early posts.



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