I now have 145 hrs on the extender thus far. That is 16% of the target 900 hours before erect length measurement. But here are some observations. When first beginning the extender the stretching was uncomfortable and I seriously questioned if I would be able to continue at all. However now, it has become quite comfortable. I’m extending 1/4”-3/8” beyond BPEL. Flaccid hang noticeably greater. In the beginning, after a few sessions of extending, the penis felt like a whipped noodle, tortured. Now, nocturnal erections and morning wood are a common event. The latest thing is now, while wearing the device, a few stimulating thoughts and I begin to get an erection. I can amplify the effect by kegeling. What is interesting is that it seems to maintain its length in the extender while the girth increases with the erection effects. It is interesting to see the unit inflate and move up and down while doing kegeling. Whether this will mean something in erect gains, I don’t know. But this is a new observation and frankly feels quite good. So, at this point in time the penis in the extender went from a thin, zombie weenie to what seems to be a stretched, active healthy unit.