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Autoextender problems

Autoextender problems

Just started using the Autoextender today. I am uncircumsized. After wearing it for a half hour I start to feel my penis head burning. Then I take it off and notice my head is numb and cold. What am I doing wrong?

Also, I am wondering if I am putting the clamp on wrong. The rubber bands are on the underside when I put the clamp on so if I am looking down at it, I don’t see the rubber bands. Is this correct?

Any ideas on the proper way to put the clamp on for circumsized men?



I did the same thing Fry, it seemed logical at the time, but it’s really upside down in this position :nodding: . Flip it over and you should find it much easier to attach and more comfortable.

I think it is inevitable that the head will become cold, possibly more so when you are un-cut, for if you are anything like me, it is necessary to wrap fairly tightly with the silicon strips to get sufficient grip, or off she pops straight away, Ouch!. I know some people can dispense with the silicon wrapping and if I remember correctly, Monkeybar suggested it wasn’t really necessary unless for hanging, but personally I can’t use it without it and naturally it does cut off circulation to some extent. Just take it slow and easy.

I’m sure other users will come along presently with suggestions and solutions. Gook luck.

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Thanks Rousseau506 for the reply, but don’t you think you are taking a huge risk if penis is allowed to get numb?

So, to double-check, how should the clamp be postioned? With the rubber band part on top and visible if looking down at penis?

I noticed today that after one hour with clamp on, I touched the penis head and it was cold and numb, but not discolored. I took the clamp off and it returned to normal in a few seconds. Is this normal? I don’t want to damage it.

Need some ideas from other uncircumsized men on how they do it.


It’s a pleasure Fry :mwink: , and yes, you are now wearing it as intended, which I trust you find more convenient and comfortable.

Have you tried adjusting the width of the head attachment by moving the screw in the hinge, to the alternative position? This might prove useful for you, I experimented with this, but I decided that it was better in the original position for now at least. Hopefully you will hear from others, which will set your mind at ease regarding your concerns.

I am as careful as I can be and take a break as often as necessary, but when I think back to the discomfort I experienced when using the Jes-extender, there is no comparison.

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Originally Posted by FryPup
Thanks Rousseau506 for the reply, but don’t you think you are taking a huge risk if penis is allowed to get numb?

I think you are taking a huge risk allowing your penis to get numb. It’s not uncommon to happen when using a hanger or a stretcher but it’s a sign you’re doing something wrong and should be avoided. You don’t want an injury. You should either use less tension or wear the stretcher for shorter periods of time.

I wore the extender for about a hour this morning, but this was after I had tried using it but found that because I had tightened the extender over my foreskin, my dick just pulled out of the harness, slipping out of my foreskin.

So I tried it with the foreskin retracted, and there was no problem after that. although I felt that an hour was quite long enough. I had no problem with numbness or whitening, I had double wrapped the elastic band on the lugs.


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As with any extender or hanger you need to check on your unit and make sure it’s not too cold or numb. You should remove and massage the blood back into your penis and you should check it more often. This is why I’m not a fan of all day stretchers you need to be able to check your dick every 20 minutes or you could cause damage.

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