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Why so many big guys?

Maxtro, Being above average to start is kind of a dilema because you are so close to the magic 8x6 it seems almost a shame to not at least try. We are all here for the same thing. My wife is somewhat uncomfortable with my size and her greatest wish is that I could stay hard after getting off. After giving birth to 5 kids and having what is really a “shallow pussy” she is telling me the truth about not wanting more. I want it for me! I just cannot help it, like Supersizeit said, it is just greed!

current 7.5BPEL 5.7EG
goal: 8.5BPEL 6EG

You have to also remember that the regular posters are only a tiny fraction of the total members here. I had some success before even coming to Thunder’s Place, and have been happy to post since joining.

Everyone wants to be BIG, not just above average. I was lucky to start at 6.5x5.25 BPEL, but why stop at 7 or 7.5 by 5.5 girth? Most want to be 8x6 or bigger, no matter where they started, and people that reach their goals, if their goals are below that size, just increase their goal size.

I started doing PE because I wasn’t sure whether my penis was ‘big enough’. An ex-girlfriend once told me that my dick was small. She laughed when she said that, so in all honesty I think she was joking and trying to hurt me (our relationship wasn’t doing good at that moment at all). Also, I have Body Dysmorphic Disorder which makes it quite hard for me to deal in a good way with my body. My mind often deceives me, making me believe I’m small, ugly, skinny, etc.

NBPEL = 6 (27/4/04). Aiming at 7 inches for now.

Yes I know its all about greed. Unfortunately it’s just the way the world is. People will always want more, but there is a difference between need and want.

Either way, my posts in this thread are fulled by my jealousy and feelings of inadequacy.

All I can do is keep PEing and some day I’ll have a man’s penis.

Start 5.25 BPEL x 4.36 EG

Current 6.2 BPEL x 4.60 EG

Because i’m 7 and ive been told i’m “alright”, “your good dont worry bout it” only one said I was huge. And that’s because she only had sex once and he was obviously smaller than I. Even though im in the higher percentage its amazing that i can still be considered small because they could have encountered 8 or 9 inchers and mine isn’t impressive.

I do it because of how it looks in proportion to my body. It looks average, since I’m so tall. I’m skinny, but that hardly adds to the illusion. Being 10 inches would sort of be the equivalent of a 5’7” person having 8 inches. I think.. :X

Originally Posted by Maxtro
I understand that almost all men wish there dick were bigger. But it just really pisses me off is that a lot these guys don’t get it that they are blessed by being above average. It’s so easy for them to forget or simply ignore that while they are going for the perfect hung size, there are guys who are trying to become average. I absolutely hate it when I see pics of a newbie just starting here and he’s at my goal size. When I was reading this whole thread I was also pissed that almost everybody that listed his size is 7+ there were only 6 guys me included who started with less than 6 inches. So not only am I pissed that I have a small dick, its even worse that I’m in the minority. I’m so mad that there are only a small number of men who have a small dick and I just had to be one of them.

I really feel sorry for all the guys in the world who have less than 6 inches. I wish there was something that could be done to make sure that nobody has to suffer because he is below average. If I had a 6+ incher I would have never found Thunders because I wouldn’t have even looked. I would simply be content knowing that I was average. But being below average has led me here.

You are not alone Maxtro. I started at less than 6 inches (4.5 girth) and the reason I am here is because I was below average. I don’t think I would have ever found Thunders if I was average or above.

I started in July 2003 and today I measure at 7.5 X 5.25! I am so amazed that PE really works. I thought if I was at least average I would be satisfied, but I still want more because it doesn’t look big enough. But I can tell you that sex is 100% better for the woman and for me. My former wife left me for a guy with a bigger dick (I actually divorced her when I discovered her affair). But she is missing out now.

Max: I understand how you feel. I, too started out below 6” average girth and a very, VERY small flaccid, hang. I had an almost completely retracted flaccid, that is at times my dick was not visible at all unless I pulled it out, or fluffed. Although my erect gains have come real slow, my girth gains and flaccid hang gains have come pretty fast, especially just here lately. Don’t get discouraged. Just by finding this site you have unlocked a door that will get you the gains you want. Don’t worry about newbes coming in big, you know a lot of newbes who haven’t really discovered yet how this site works, lie about their size. Once you’ve been a member here for a while you learn how counter productive it is to lie or excaudate your starting size. It only discourages some, but mostly it makes all our hard work and research inaccurate. How are we ever to separate what works from what doesn’t if people lie about their measurements. It’s not like we are likely to ever meet one another.

If it is any consolation, let me tell you this. My current girlfriend, Mizz Girtha, (and I’m sure you’ve heard me speak of her a lot) is a self-admitted Size Queen. The woman is literally obsessed with a fascination about penis size. I met her at a nudist camp. We both are nudists and have been going to these nude recreational facilities all our lives. You see a lot of naked men at these camps, and since I’ve become so involved with PE, and Mizz Girtha is involved with me, mostly because the idea of men making their dicks bigger literally excites and intrigues her, especially since she has seen, measured and help me track my gains for the last two years.

Since WE have discovered PE our nudist camp experiences have taken on a new twist. It has become a kind of game with the two of us to pay special attention to just how BIG or SMALL some men really are in both the flaccid and erect state, and it is not beneath her to fondle a stranger in the hot tub who is sporting a nice flaccid just to see if his erect size is equally as impressive, and I’ve never seen any man object to her curiosity.

Believe me when I say this, you are not a minority. Average sized penises, and those a little smaller than average are MUCH more prevalent than the BIG ones. We have all fallen into the mythical belief brought about by the ADULT FILM INDUSTRY that the really BIG guys are very common. This is just not true. There are some big ones out there, we have both seen them, and believe me Mizz Girtha won’t hesitate to break out a ruler if the opportunity presents itself. But men who are 8X6 are rare and the massive 9 and 10 inchers are extremely rare. In fact they are almost non-existent. I don’t care what the polls say. What Mizz Girtha and I have found in over fifty years of nude recreation is that the 5” to 6” penis is pretty much the norm. I’m not saying be content with you have, on the contrary, go for your goals. But believe me when I say, you are NOT a minority, and some of these new guys are not as big as they say.


2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

Hey Big Girtha, who are these new people who claim to be bigger than they are, for the sake of those who are unable to tell…?

Originally Posted by Big Girtha
you know a lot of newbes who haven’t really discovered yet how this site works, lie about their size.

BG, is it a fact?

Correct me if I am wrong but we are all here to see a change and not to compare starting sizes.

I don’t doubt that this may happen, but how can we really know for certain?

There is another factor though which is measuring technique, how many here measure as discriminately as I do? The reason I do this is I’d sooner short change myself over what the rest are doing and be bigger in reality, then to measure more than I should and be smaller than the guys who measure fairly in reality.

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Secjay & Sparky -

You guys seriously don’t ever sense you’re wading in Lake Wobegon?

I’m convinced that BG is right — either the vast majority of small guys don’t post (and large guys post disproportionately often), or some members exaggerate their sizes. If 6x5 is average, then a 5x4.5 dick is probably as common as a 7x5.5 dick, yet there seem to be vanishingly few of the former ‘round here, at a penis enlargement forum of all places…

PG, maybe you are right but it’s not a proof to discredit others.

Sejay & Sparky. Of course I don’t know this for a fact. None of us know anything for a fact around here, and that includes the much-feared question as to whether or not any of this stuff really works long term. We all want to believe that it does, and it probably does. I don’t want to be pessimistic. I prefer to see the glass as half full. I know I myself have seen gains, especially in girth and flaccid length, but I’ve worked my butt off for them. I have also pushed the limits of doing things that are probably dangerous and unhealthy. I may someday have a dick that drags the ground, but doesn’t work. I know this is the risk I choose to take even against the warnings of vets and wiser men.

On the other hand I’ve also wondered that if I were to just lay off permanently how much of what I’ve accomplished would stay. I mean, once all the swelling went down, would I be back where I started. Hell no one knows the long-term effects of what we are doing. It’s not even inconceivable that ten years down the road we all may have even smaller dicks that don’t work. But I don’t FEEL that is the case. It FEELS to me that this shit works, and that for those of us who are diligent, stubborn, and even perhaps a little deranged when it comes to sensibility, for us the payoff will eventually come.

I’m one of these guys who can’t take a break. There are a lot of us. I often wonder why this is. Why is PE so addictive? Is it because of the thrill of what we might gain, or is it the fear of finding out none of it is permanent.

But as far as new guys lying or STRETCHING the truth about size, I can’t prove it; it’s just my gut feeling. Perhaps the reason I’m writing this is so if anyone who HAS lied or who exaggerate their size, newbies or vets, will realize how much such inaccurate reports set us back in this collective endeavor. We’re not here to impress one another, we are here to try and figure what works and what does not. I won’t mention any names, because I don’t want to get a flame war, but I just know I’ve read more than a few threads from both new guys, and even a few vets, of whom I felt as Para so eloquently put it, I was swimming in lake Woebegone.


2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

I guess we can’t put faith in anyone’s stats who doesn’t have a measured picture.

Though, I don’t plan to post any pictures until I hit my first secondary goal of 7.5x5.5, which shouldn’t be too far off.
Until then you’ll either have to take my word for it, or don’t believe me. ;)
Oh but we were talking about starting stats weren’t we? So I guess I can’t prove shit for that because it’s too late for evidence now. :D

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.


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